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The Beauty Of Art, Music And Literature In Modern Education

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The Beauty of Art, Music and Literature in Modern Education

Art is the beauty of everyday life. Music is what makes us smile. Literature can keep us up all night. So why is it, that there are so much criticism of these three wonders, in education today?

In today's society, literature is what is used regularly. In every subject, in science and in language, literature is used in varieties of writing, both in fiction and prose. We write in every subject, although it is not always the same genre. It can be a biography or thesis in a subject. This way, we can learn to write properly, and be prepared for future assignments.
This form of literature is not as highly criticized as the others, but is used quite often everywhere. We start to write at an early school age, and continue with it until we graduate. We even continue when we are all grown up.
Literature means more than just to write prose. In language subjects as English, we use fiction in writing as well. This can compose something as a novel, a poem or a short story. It is truly important to include all of these. Grammar in general, is important, and what better way to learn this, then by through writing in school?

When I started school at the age of 5, we were introduced to music. It was a beautiful, brown flute. This we played on, several times a week, for four years. When we stopped with the flute, we were introduced to other things, such as the guitar, the piano and drums. In this way, we learned notes, different beats and tones, and we often sang, as well. We always had something to look forward to. Even if not everyone is aware of this; music helps us with a lot. Many is sceptical to music in education, because they doesn't know how it contributes to their or their children grades or intelligence. However, what many of the sceptics does not know, is that the rhythm, the beat and music in general helps us with patterns. Yes, this is true. This is a psychological fact not many know of. Learning patterns helps us with many things as well. In addition to simply having fun on a somewhat boring school day, it can help in solving mathematics problems. We can remember things better, for example words to languages and definitions in biology.

Then comes art. The collection of both music and literature and so much more.
Art is all around us. It is what we see on the cover of our books, on the poster for our school, and in the pictures we have at home. Art is the beautiful poem you wrote to your crush, or the sculpture you built for geography class. Art is everything.
You can use art for almost every aspect of your life. So how is it that it is not a great spot in everyday education?It is often used in projects and other context, but when did we stop using it as a regular part of education? Did we ever have it? How much more fun, useful and somewhat mind-blowing than an artwork you made with your bare hands, can be more creatively challenging?

This is the main part of my...

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