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The Beauty Of Body Images Essay

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Cosmetology is something that deals with beauty on the inside and the out. It deals with overweight and being anorexia, but mostly different types of body images. Anorexia is a disease that ruin many people lives, its and eating disorder and a health condition. It is a disease when you don't eat and have no meat on your bones.
I am going against being anorexia because it is not good for the body. It is cause by over exercising and making you vomit after meals. People who are anorexia should love themselves for who they are and don't treat themselves wrong. People believe that is they are skinny then people would like them more, but they're wrong.
In this world, people are becoming more anorexia and some people are getting way out of hand and becoming overweight. Anorexia is when you eat too little and do more exercising and being overweight is where you over eat and do less exercising. The people with the more chances of getting to be anorexia are everyone but mainly women. Up to 24 million people of all ages and genders get a eating disorder. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate.
By age 20, half of the people in the world have a mental criterion and suffers from 1 depression. Also there is obesity; obesity is also one of the most common things, especially in America, blacks more than Hispanics are 49.5% more likely to get inward faster. But more than 1/3 of adults have the highest rate. Obesity can lead to causes of death, diabetes, and cancer, unlike anorexia; it can lead to death and mental and suicidal illness.
It has many different types of body images. It has skinny people, fat people, thick people, short people, tall people, and etc,. But either way some people don’t like themselves for who they are and how God made them. People were made a certain type of way for a reason. Also other types of body images are dealing with your looks. Your looks are connected to how your body is.
Cosmetic surgery is when people go through a lot in order to become somewhat called perfect. People can change the way their face is made with something called cosmetic surgery. Never get cosmetic surgery because it can cause a lot of injuries and deaths. Honestly, certain people do not believe in cosmetic surgery, because they don’t think that people need to change themselves. Especially, if you get surgery in your face, you can catch diseases with going through cosmetic surgery.
One main cosmetic surgery is that people get is Botox. Botox is an injection, mainly in the lips. It is a lethal injection that someone get, to make his/her lips become bigger over a certain period of time. Also it can block the transmission impulses and cause you to be paralyzed. It is a powdery substance that you add water to.
Something that can lead to bullying is anorexia and overweight. But sometimes it can be the other way around. Out of anorexia and obese kids or teens, obese kids are more likely to get bullied than his/her peers in the normal rate range. Some...

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