The Beauty Of Music How Can Music Effect Us? English Essay

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The Beauty of Music
Music is beautiful because of the way it communicates with your mind, body, and soul when a person is incapable of putting their feelings or experiences into words. From genre to genre, hip hop or metal, anyone can find what is right for them. People can play music, write music, listen to music, enjoy music and much more. Music has many abilities, whether it is your inspiration, your muse in a difficult time, or your way of remembering a specific event in your life. There are many forms of music, all of which can be beautiful in their own way.
Of the countless reasons music is beautiful, a few are more understandable than the others. For example, the vast majority of the connected world is capable of finding a song that fits a similar situation or experience that they have or are currently going through. According to a study, people’s body’s and actions can be altered by music. (Beth Cooper, fast Musicians and song writers are typically better at expressing emotions, experiences, or ideas than the average person. Listening to and understanding music and lyrics are just a few reasons music is considered beautiful by many.
Amongst other reasons why music...

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