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The Beginning Essay

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It was days like this that Ara would dream. Her imagination was an enjoyable interruption from the constant drone of life.
By now I would be at my desk, listening and learning with the rest of them. I wear a proper uniform, with a smart, clean shirt. My hand aches as I write down letters and numbers that for some reason make sense.
“Girl, come over here!”
The sharp demand came as a surprise, and before Ara could do anything, she had lost the second of bliss satisfaction. Again, she found herself lonely and lost in the small confines of reality.
When asked, many citizens of the small town Khavel had a brief idea of the girl. Her features were recognized by the many locals, as she was ...view middle of the document...

While in the midst of a peaceful daydream, the sound of rowdy students caught Ara’s attention. Her hands absently swirled the grains of rice in warm water. When she finally looked up, Ara noticed the clean uniforms and bags they wore; the boys wore. It was obvious they were heading to school and she couldn’t help but wish that she could go too. Ara punched her hand into the water, Why was it so unfair? All her brothers went to school, why was she different? It was customary, boys went to school to learn and girls stayed at home. Tradition was never a question or choice that was ever challenged. But more often than not, Ara would question the sanity of her ancestors. Why was it that only males were considered as powerful and strong? How was the enemy more worthy than herself?
“Daaaad” I whined, as I gently patted his arm repeatedly. My gentle pats began to turn into miniature punches as he continued to ignore me. I tried again. ”Daaaad...”
My father frowned slightly before looking up from his book “Not now Ara, I’m busy”
He was always busy, but today was important. Today, out of all days is special because finally, I am old enough to go to school! I know this because all my brothers were allowed to go to school as soon as they were 5, and finally it will be my turn. “Dad, I’m 5 today!”
I watched closely as his bushy eyebrows furrowed. “So What?”
“So aren’t I meant to start school..?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, you’re a girl. Girls don’t go to school.”
What did he mean? ‘Girls don’t go to school’. Everyone goes to school, right? Boys are no different, no smarter. And as if he could hear my thoughts, my father continued.
“Do you really think you could handle learning at school? You don’t have the dexterity to understand school work, you’re a girl. Anyway, how will you find a husband or look after a family if you have school? Ara, you have other...

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