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The Beginning Of A New Essay

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Liberia? To where was this name given? Years after slavery was abolished in America, slaves were sent back to Africa by the shiploads. This occurred after nearly 100 years of slavery. These slaves landed in Africa after being gone from their homeland for more than a century. What was truly left of the slave population was primarily descendants of first generation slaves. The majority of original slaves sent had died off leaving behind their United States (U.S.) born descendants that had no knowledge of the way of life in Africa, or even the language for that matter. Now as they became Africans (again) by their return, they felt like foreigners and did not at all feel comfortable in ...view middle of the document...

S. and other countries; a higher form of education; access to the ocean; and others. Such control, allowed them to maintain dominance over the native indigenous people. Although the Americo-Liberians now lived in Africa they still maintained good relationships with the United States, and kept the European way of life. This included being a Protestant Christian, speaking English, and receiving an education. They were rude to the native Liberians living there, and believed that they were higher than them. Despite this belief, they felt that if the indigenous people were to convert their religion to Protestant Christianity and receive an education, that they too could share the power of the Americo-Liberians.
In 1980 during the reign of President William R. Tolbert Jr., the Americo-Liberian rule came to an end over governmental issue protests. The native indigenous people finally won their fight against the long rule of the Americo-Liberians. A few years later in 1997 Charles Taylor was elected president of Liberia in a special election. He was a member of the National Patriotic Party since 1989, and won by a large margin. Taylor was in power for six years before he resigned due to accusations made regarding theft. He was accused of stealing over $900,000 from the Liberian government, as well being focused on crimes against humanity. The indictment included a total of 17 counts of crimes against humanity: murder, enslavement, and the forcible recruitment of child soldiers to name a few.
Although Liberia faced many struggles throughout its lifetime, it has always been extremely independent, never depending on another country for survival. Liberia was established by citizens of the United States as a colony for former African American slaves and their free black descendants. These people came to Africa after being born into slavery in the U.S. Liberia is one of only two sovereign states in the world that was...

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