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The Beginning Of Unpredictable Future Essay

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The minority class has condescended by the majority for a long time. The minority cannot give their opinion, aspiration, or idea. They just have one choice to follow the majority wants. They can get their own freedom as what they want. Because of this phenomenon, the minority has their own groups and lives together. People, who always get high pressure, will make something that can reduce the pressure. Someday, they will inverse the situation which they will control the world and the majority respect them. The minority has their own way to reach their dream of improved cloning research so it can be applied to humans. They use the previous research and develop it illegally. They kidnap the ...view middle of the document...

They can clone a lot of people so police can notice the true arsonist. It will increase the criminality in this world. We can trust anybody. There will be a lot of criminality, but no one can solve it. It will be a broken world and anybody can fix it.
Thirdly, the minority will make a lot of soldiers so they can control the world. Nowadays, the minority can give their opinion of the country because the majority has command of the country. The minority aspirations have not accepted by the community. They feel nobody respect their existences. Their main goal is to control the world by their hands. So, they try to make many soldiers who can be controlled to protect them from the majority. If they have more amount of people than the majority has, the majority have to follow them. So, the majority will change into the minority ones. People will afraid of them because they have the power to control the world. If people do not support them, they will die.
When the minority has the power to be the leader, this situation is a very huge disaster for everyone. The minority will use their power without considering other people’s lives and they can...

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