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The Benchmark Data Essay

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There continues to be intense pressure on hospitals to maintain high patient satisfaction scores. As a result, health organizations continue to seek ways of improving patient satisfaction scores. CMS reimbursement is dependent on these scores. Safety is also a component of patient satisfaction. The Joint Commission Standards require safety goals to be set that involve direct nursing care. Examples of these measures are reducing patient falls, preventing pressure ulcers and enhancing medication administration. Also, patients are becoming wise consumers and the access to information is readily available, potential clients are aware these scores are available at their fingertips. As a result, ...view middle of the document...

The Press Ganey patient satisfaction results were low as well as their pressure ulcers were above benchmarks. Indicating not only was patient satisfaction not high, but the care patients were receiving was also affected.
Prior to implementing a new process, Lehigh Valley team’s decided it was necessary to collect pertinent data. Discharged patients were contacted and associates requested feedback from their in- patient hospital stay. After all patient satisfaction is the perception of the patient. The results were consistent; customers informed the need for better pain management, better response to call lights and attentive care (Kessle, Claude-Gutekunst, DOnchez Dries, & Snider 2012). Lehigh Valley’s Director of Nursing also phoned a manger of a unit that had instituted the hourly rounding was impressed of the silence in the background; there was no call lights ringing in the background.
Based on this data, the decision was made to implement hourly rounding. However, prior to implementing the hourly rounding a self assessment tool was completed by all caregivers. Associates were also attended a one hour education session on hourly rounding (Kessler, Claude-Gutekunst, Donchez Dries, & Snider 2012). Teamwork had also shown to be an issue, therefore to help assure proper teamwork, it was also decided hourly rounding would be an effort shared by registered nurses as well as patient care assistants(Kessler, Claude-Gutekunst, Donchez Dries, & Snider 2012). . Staff also signed a pledge committing to focusing on hourly rounding. As per Meade’s study, during the hourly rounding, patients are assessed for pain, position, and personal needs. The team also scripted a response for when the associate leaved the patient’s room to assure the patient had everything he or she needed. As a follow up, the team decided to meet every two weeks for the first two months...

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