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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Cloud Computing Service

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Cloud computing ServiceThe "cloud" refers to the Internet; it is usually hosted on more then one server in multiple locations, normally neither the public nor the businesses know where the information is located. Many consumers are turning to the cloud to store and retrieve their data from any computer in the world. They are using this service to store their software, conduct, documents, other personal and all business operations. Many different consumers are using cloud; but many are using cloud with out taking a look at the advantages and disadvantages that comes with using the cloud computing service.There are three types of service provider by cloud computing models. One is software as a service or SaaS, this service provides consumers with the ability to access user application or service that is located within the cloud. In this service consumer are responsible for update and maintaining the operating system and software. Some of the providers that offer SaaS is Google and Microsoft.The second service provider is Platform as a Service or Paas. Paas allows consumers to purchase access to the platform and solution stack, which includes system, programming language, database and web server. Consumers also, can build their own applications, which could run on the cloud service provider. Some of the providers are Google's app engine and, there is the Infrastructure as a services or Iaas. Iaas provides basic storage and computing capabilities as services over the network. Consumers control and maintain the systems in term of the operating systems, applications, storage, and network connectivity, but consumers do not have any control over the cloud infrastructure. Some providers of the Iaas are, Amazon, GoGrid and 3 Tera.Another type of provider is deployment model of cloud computing, where consumer chooses a unique is based on their specific requirements. There are four primary cloud deployment model private cloud, community cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. Private cloud is operated only by one organization, it can also be managed by the organization or third party and externally. Community clouds are shared by many organizations, and support a specific community that has similar interests and requirements. Public cloud is owned and operated by third party, were it is available for the public on a commercial basis. Lastly, hybrid cloud is two or more deployment like private, community and/or public; this gives the user the ability through their interface to allow data, and also applications to move them from one cloud to...

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