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The Pros And Cons Of A Managed Health Care System

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A Health care system of any country is an important consideration for the purposes of the overall development. One of the most important and essential feature of the human body is the health and the systems. In the same manner, proper management is also necessary. Furthermore, all the countries of the world have few targets and achievements to be made. On the other hand, it should also be noted down that, economic development and social welfare the two most are the two important factors. Economic welfare is connected with the increase in the wealth of the people at large (Niles, 2011).
The more economic prosperity the greater is the amount and degree of welfare generated and the likeliness in people is welcomed. However, social welfare is one of the major objectives of the nations. Along with this, it should also be noted down that, the government of all the countries and states should focus on the social welfare of the people where people live. It is again true that happiness follows good health. In this way, health is a very important consideration for all the economies of the world (Yih, 2011).
Apart from this, it is also analyzed that, in order to ensure proper social welfare amongst the members of the society, there is an increasing consideration towards the issue of health in all the major economies of the world. The matter has been taken up more seriously in the recent times by the people and the government at large, because of the rising complexities in the health and the status of the people at large. In the growing times of fast food, and fast development, health has been given a back seat and due to this there are growing health hazards (Budrys, 2011).
In this respect, the government has taken up the matter in the most serious manner ever, and has expressed a mature effort to ensure the overall social welfare of the people of the society they serve. In respect of health management one interesting topic has emerged in US in the recent times. The same is Managed Care. We shall discuss about this part of the healthcare management in this discussion and in the succeeding paragraphs (Niles, 2011).

(Source: Kadushin & Harkness, 2013).
Managed Care – The ideology

In the earlier parts of discussion we have seen the importance of Healthcare Management in a society and for the government at large. We shall now look into what Managed Care is all about and how it has been growing in the recent times in the US economy (Anderlik, 2001).
Managed Care is something which can be said or defined as caring in a managed form. This type of health care management is concerned with a very comprehensive and balanced approach towards the management of the health of the people (Minkoff, 2013).
In this approach, entire activity and the process of the health care is pre planned and is executed in the planned manner. For instance, major concerns of the management are first identified, and then the recorded in an effective and...

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