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The Pros And Cons Of Facebook

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Social media attracts everyone who has a desire to stay connected and be updated on people’s lives. The well-known social network Facebook is accessed by all ages and more and more people are joining each year. This popular website allows them to create a personal page for others to see so that they can stay connected with the people in their life and be updated on society. Facebook offers many useful tools for socializing, but the extent of this use is starting to concern others. Facebook has provided us a way to build relationships, but the way people use this worldwide site can lead to distractions and possibly create false identities.
Facebook is a helpful website that allows people to build relationships and stay in touch with friends and relatives. People first create a personal profile to let users know more about the people they interact with online. This personal profile includes “personal information (birth date, gender, hometown), general preferences (movies, music, books), and status (student, alumni, current occupation)” (“Facebook”). This section of Facebook allows people to get to know the person better and to see if there are common interests that could eventually start conversations and build friendships. People enjoy social interactions and are “driven, primarily, by a desire to stay connected to and involved in the lives of friends who live close by, far away, or have just entered into their lives” (Henig and Henig). It is hard to see friends or relatives who live far away, so Facebook is a great source to stay in touch. Since people are connected with friends and relatives online, it keeps them from loosing touch with their relationships. Modern relationships “flow between flesh and technology more easily everyday” because staying in touch with people online builds the relationship when finally seen face to face (Lynn 89). When users see friends and family in the real world, they already have a sense of who the person is from what they post on Facebook, which helps the flow of conversations and interactions. From instant messaging to posting on people’s walls, the online world of Facebook provides social interactions to build and for people to stay connected with friends and family.
Facebook also offers people steps to create a page for their businesses to stay connected with customers and employees. Facebook is a free advertising tool to make the business “fresh in people’s minds” (Jefferson). With Facebook’s main mission being to make the world more connected and open, users can see what businesses their peers have “Liked” and what new products and information they offer. Facebook makes it easier to see what friends recommend for other users “instead of calling 20 friends, the information is out there on Facebook” (Jefferson). The more “Likes” a business has the more it is able to be spread around and seen by more people, which increases user’s knowledge of that certain business. Facebook is also...

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