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The Benefits Of The Green Movement

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The Green movement began in the Western World during the 1970’s around the time of the Vietnam War. The green movement is a social movement regarding concerns for environmental conservation and improvements to the current health of the environment. The Green movement also promotes the conservation, restoration, and the overall improvement of our environment. Many people disagree with the green movement and its values because they don’t see the immediate benefits from them. However, supporting the green movement by recycling, researching alternative energy sources, and mandating eco-friendly laws will lead to a better, greener, country.
One fairly simple way that people can immediately contribute to the green movement is by recycling. “Recycling is the process of turning one products useful part or parts into a new product; this is done to conserve on the consumption of resources, energy and space used in landfills.” (Recycling Facts and Benefits) Most household paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and cardboard products are recyclable. Many towns in the United States offer recycling services that will pick up your recyclables and transport them to a recycling facility. These facilities reuse the materials that the recyclables are made from and make new products. This process saves energy, and conserves resources by reducing the amount of renewable resources that would normally end up in a landfill or in an incinerator. These recycling plants “increase jobs in manufacturing while simultaneously increasing the Unite State’s competitiveness in industry.”(Recycling | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | US EPA.)
There are also several long term benefits of recycling. For example, “collecting and processing secondary materials, manufacturing recycled-content products, and then buying recycled products creates a loop that ensures the overall success and value of recycling.”( US Environmental Protection Agency.) Also, recycling over an extended period of time can reduce the overall consumption of natural resources, and sustain the environment for future generations.
Another easy way to support the green movement is through the research of alternative energy sources. By switching to renewable energy sources we could drastically reduce or even eliminate the harmful emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels. “If 50 – 100 billion dollars were spent worldwide on the development of alternative energy sources we could reduce the world’s consumption of fossil fuels by 25% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.”
(Levi, Michael) There are many different ways to harness alternative sources. Some examples of renewable energy sources include Biomass Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, and Hydroelectric Energy. “Combined with the use of recycling, the use of clean alternative energies such as the home use of solar power systems will help ensure man's survival into the 21st century and beyond.” (Alternative Energy - Wind, Solar, Hydro and Other...

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