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The Benefits Of A Minimum Legal Drinking Age.

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Minimum legal drinking age laws, often referred to as MLDA laws, prohibit the consumption of alcohol by, and the sale of alcohol to, persons under the age of 21. The legislation to raise the minimum legal drinking age to 21 in every state has had lasting effects on the lives of Americans everywhere. Lower alcohol usage, increased law enforcement and lower rates of alcohol-related crimes are some positive effects reported since the MLDA was set at 21 for all states.First, the responsibilities that come with alcohol consumption are too much for most teens. High school seniors have reported less alcohol use in states that raised the MLDA versus states that did not. There has been a decrease in heavy drinking (5 or more drinks in a single sitting) for ages 17 through 19. There has even been some evidence that youth drank less even after turning 21. These statistics show that we are better equipped to make hard decisions about drinking when we have matured beyond our teens. Decisions like assigning a designated driver, and knowing when to stop drinking call for a level of responsibility most teens have not yet reached. Society is no longer willing to tolerate the consequences associated with the excessive use of alcohol.Raising the minimum legal drinking age has had other special side effects. Law enforcement agencies have increased their surveillance and ticketing of under age liquor sales. The high school teens in every town know which liquor stores and gas stations do not check identifications. Even the technically challenged among the high school set know where to get a forged drivers license. Anyone with a color printer, a digital camera, and a laminator can do the job. It is even easier to just borrow...

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2545 words - 10 pages the United States, so we as a country can provide another privilege to those in the armed forces who are underage and would like a beer on leave and to those who are turning 18 years old and getting more responsibilities as a young adult. Works Cited AMA - Minimum Legal Drinking Age." American Medical Association - Physicians, Medical Students & Patients (AMA). Web. 23 June 2010.

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858 words - 3 pages Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am Dr. Hillion, a professor at UW Madison. I am here to educate you, the public, about positive and negative facts and opinions about the bill being proposed to change the legal drinking age of 21 to 18 years of age. A recent poll of 15,500 teens shows that nearly 60% of 8th graders have tried alcohol. That number jumps to 77% of 10th graders and 85% of high school seniors. Those percentages are appalling

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1905 words - 8 pages protested. It was illegal and unconstitutional but  “In [the case] South Dakota v. Dole, the US Supreme Court ruled the act constitutional” (Miron 317).  Reagan then signed the National Minimum Legal Drinking Age Act because he saw that the problem of drunk driving needed government intervention even though it went against his original stance on the subject. Even though there is a national drinking age, the majority of Americans do not follow it. This

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2087 words - 9 pages existing rights and privileges of young adults and to promote open and honest conversations on responsible consumption. The legal drinking age in the United States has been 21 since 1988 the last of the remaining states recognized the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 (NMDAA). The NMDAA was introduced as a way for the Federal Government to pressure the individual states to raise the Minimum Legal Drinking Age to 21 (MLDA21) with the

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