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The Benefits Of A Performance Management System

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There is now a rising interest in organisational performance. This interest has being sustained by performance management as well as the successful management of the employees. The possible reasons for these increase in usage (Nankervis & Compton, 2006) was the need for companies to improve workforce output to meet market demands characterized with hyperactivities. The findings indicate that there is a high value placed on performance management systems. Dynamism of change and diversity, however, have mounted pressure on HR specialist and management team to refine, modify and or make more strategic method to performance management. This takes many forms e.g. Mbo, ‘hybrid’ systems, BSC, 360 degree and ranking & rating system. These forms are necessary in order to stay competitive and need effective management.
The research is to find out trends in performance management that have persisted and whether the systems have chosen or included more strategic directions. Specifically, the study surveyed HR professionals in relation to the types of performance appraisal techniques used and how such information was used. The report documented trends in performance management usage among Australia organizations. Performance appraisal continues to be a subject matter and importance to HR specialists. To support this claim, the authors cited surveys of practitioners concerning performance appraisal methods, use and purposes. When comparing the findings with those obtained from earlier surveys, the authors noted a significant shift away from traditional approaches to collaborative and more strategic techniques (BSC, 360 degree).
The writers continued to document performance appraisal practice. They noted general manufacturing industries and management services firms tend to rely greatly on performance management. Most organizations performance management usage was to determine development and training need; reviewing past performance; administer merit pay. They identified the major developmental uses as developing work competencies, determining employee potential/ future performance as well as promotion prospects, decision-making for career plan, for aligning organizational and employees’ objectives.
A section of the study illustrated how performance criteria and appraisal communication methods is used. Most organizations...

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