The Benefits Of Animal Experimentation Essay

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Dominic Wells from the Royal Veterinary College said: “We are in an era of developing treatments for rare diseases in a way that we could not have predicted five years ago. We are the victims of our own success and this has inevitably led to the use of more animals” (Hogenboom, Melissa 3). This quote perfectly describes the controversy of animal testing. The medical use of animal testing may be considered “morally wrong” it should be supported for the major achievements that have been discovered.
In Genesis 1:26 it says: “And God said.. let them [human beings] have domination over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over ...view middle of the document...

There is no other option for researching a complete living organism other than animal testing (“Should Animals be” 4). Animals make much better research subjects because of their short life cycles, scientists can see how something affects throughout an entire life cycle (3). Animals are capable of acquiring the same illnesses or conditions as humans because of how biologically similar they are to each other. (2). Through animal research, cancer and AIDS patients’ lives have been extended and their survival rates increased. The asthma inhaler was perfected and developed through the use of animal research (“Forty Reasons” 1). Smallpox is no longer a relevant issue on earth thanks to animal experimentation (2). People now have access to many vaccines for domesticated animals, such as: rabies, distemper, tetanus, parvovirus, and numerous other illnesses (“Benefits” 1). Most surgical techniques were perfected through animal use, such as hip replacement surgery, kidney and heart transplants, and blood transfusions (“Forty Reasons” 1). Using a small amount of animals to test on to gain medical progress is a small price to pay for great advances (“Should Animals be” 4). However, the advances would not be in vain, strict regulations are in place to keep the test animals safe.
Since 1965, animal testing and research has been highly regulated by the Federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) (“Should Animals be” 2). Animal testing is used to develop medical treatments, determine toxicity of medications, and check safety of products used by humans (4). Being a safe method and being needed for future research multiple animal regulations groups approve animal testing to be a scientifically sound method (“Benefits” 1). For the animals’ sake and for reliable test results, research animals are treated humanely and with care (“Should Animals be” 3). For example great apes, such as: Orangutans, Baboons, Gorillas, and Chimpanzees, cannot be used for research in the UK (“Forty Reasons” 2). Mice, rats, and fish make up three-quarters of the animals used in animal experimentation (Hogenboom, Melissa 2). At the Cedars-Singi Medical Center’s animal facility dogs are allowed multiple “playtimes” with other animals and caretakers throughout the day (“Should Animals be” 3). In animal testing facilities there are very strict regulations to prevent abuse and mistreatment of animals (4). Testing on humans would be a horrific and inhumane thing to do, in order to make public health and medical research possible, animal testing is necessary (“Is...

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