The Benefits Of Art On Children's Learning

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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” - Thomas Merton. Art is a huge influence on the minds of children. It plays a big factor in the way children want to learn. Art keeps they're minds open to imagination and keeps them interested in learning new things. Kids are more interested in learning when there is some kind art involved. They have an unbelievably great memory and seeing or drawing pictures helps them retain things a lot better than they would if it was just told to them. It is used in all subjects in school because these are obvious and known facts. Art can heavily influence math, science, and literacy. Children with disabilities or have trouble concentrating can use art as an outlet. When they get mad, give them some paint and a paint brush. Taking out they're frustrations on a piece of paper rather than on themselves could result in a masterpiece and could reveal an amazing talent hidden beneath they're frustrations.
“According to Kathy Hawk, with Kingsport Art Guild and former elementary art teacher, age two is the perfect time to expose kids to visual arts. This is the scribbling stage and usually lasts until the child is four, she says. Just remember to buy age appropriate materials made by reputable manufacturers with non-toxic and AP (approved product) seal on them. Hawk says the visual arts teach children to be creative thinkers, curious and more fluent in producing a large number of ideas. It helps them become problem solvers and the arts stress divergent thinking, she says” (Katina Rose, Johnson City Press, Article, Page 1)
Remember going school shopping for the first time for your kindergartner? The list of supplies seemed endless. Markers, highlighters, crayons, colored pencils and much more. A large percentage of these supplies bought are art supplies. Art is the main learning technique at this early age because imaginations are going haywire right now. Kids are more open and interested in learning new things when it's hands on. They also love to get their little hands dirty. They also retain information a lot better when they draw a picture proving that they understand the concept that you are trying to teach them rather than if it is just spoken to them. Another art form that is not mentioned very often is theatre. Theatre can teach amazing speaking skills and improve self esteem. This can prepare them for the future when they'll need to give speeches in front of a big audience or can prepare kids for speeches throughout high school and maybe even in their career.
“Art is about expressing your thoughts and feelings, said Kathleen Buttolph, director of education at Jonesborough's Mary B. Martin Program for the Arts. When students participate in theatre, they build self-confidence and prepare for future public speaking opportunities. It gives them self-assurance and comfort with their own individual personality traits. We teach them social awareness, respect...

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