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The Benefits Of Competitive Sports In Schools

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Competitive sports in schools, a student’s best friend, have been around in different forms since the earliest times of history. Sixty percent of students play on at least one sports team a year, which is equivalent to over forty million student athletes. Sports can help keep students healthy and offers students to posses an increased awareness of nutrition. Also, sports are the only extracurricular activity to make a significant difference in student’s grades. Lastly, sports increase student athlete’s ability to work with others and create friendships that last forever. Interscholastic athletics in schools are beneficial to students because they improve student athletes physically, ...view middle of the document...

Sports involve a lot of discipline as well as internal and mental toughness and those qualities remain throughout one’s life. For instance, a wrestler’s self esteem boosts because the sport is all about the wrestler and teaches him to trust himself more than he normally would. Sports help children with sportsmanship and discipline because student athletes shake hands with one another before and after every match. “I think the discipline of wrestling has given me the discipline I have to write,” says John Irving, who is an American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter. People who participate or participated in sports acquired many skills that they use daily throughout their lives at work and at home. “Sports help an athlete create and set goals, improve desire and inner will, determination, coping skills, character, and a mindset for success” (Mango 25). Sports teach many life lessons that other activities do not offer. Sports hardwire student athletes to push themselves to do well and be the best they can be. On top of the mental benefits of interscholastic athletics, interscholastic athletics also contribute to students’ educations.
Competitive sports provide many benefits in student’s educations. According to the NCES varsity-level athletes were more likely than non-athletes to have received some postsecondary education and more likely to have earned a bachelor's degree. “New research has revealed that team sport is the only extracurricular activity to make a significant difference to students’ academic grades across all the schools.” (Harris 19). In schools, almost every intelligent and hardworking student is on a sports team. “Opposed to drama or debating, teens that belong to sports teams are more likely to complete their education and enter higher education” (Harris 23). Students who participate on sports teams on average are more intelligent than students in any other activity. Matthew Irvin, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of South Carolina said, “’Team sport is significantly related to higher grade-point averages and a higher likelihood of completing high school and enrolling in college.’” As well as the benefits in student athlete’s educations, sports enrich them socially.
In addition to the...

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