The Benefits Of Eating Together At Home

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In modern time, with advanced technologies, people are having a higher standard of living than before. They make more money and use high level technologies to make their lives more comfortable, but at the same time more isolate. Also, as a survey by Lifehacker, over 37 presents of the total votes reported that they worked 41 to 50 hours per week(Pash, 2012). Direct effects of the overworking are that people have no time to regularly eat dinner with their family. For this phenomenon, some people think that is not important to eat together because they can save time to have a good rest. However, in my opinion, I believe that we need to regularly eat together, and eating together has more ...view middle of the document...

So, by using this way to establish good habits for the children, they will pay more attention to the study. Therefore, for parents, it is very important to eat together with their children. Children not only can promote healthy living habits, but also have more outstanding performance at school. It is an indispensable part in the growth of children.
Secondly, the benefit of eating together is good for health. It can help to make a nutritious meal structure. According to a study by the University of Minnesota in 2007, they surveyed more than 1500 students during high school until they grow up to 20 years old. The result showed that students who often ate with their family would eat more fruit, dark-green and orange vegetables, and drank less soft drink.. Moreover, when we cooked by ourselves, we can decide what to do. This is very important for our health. Although the food in the restaurant is good but it can also bring more fat and calorie. The principal food of a lot of restaurant is fried. For instance, the French fries are one of the most popular potato foods in the United States. However, if we look at the nutrition facts of McDonalds French fries, it can bring 380 calories and 19 gram fats! It means that a serving of French fries can offer almost one-third of the daily fat value. Even if we will visit Asia restaurants which offer seemingly healthy food, we still eat more meat than vegetables. As we know that obesity problem is very common in the modern world. Obesity will increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and so on. So, if we choose eating dinner at home, we can cook more vegetables. It can bring mineral, vitamin and fiver. The nutritional value is more than meat and fried food. Besides, eating dinner with the family can also help to control weight. Many people like chatting while they eat. This way can slow down their eating so the brain can stop them before eat too much. As a consequence, choosing our own recipes and eating dinner with our family is excellent way to keep healthy.
Another benefit of eating together can improve family relationships. As I said before, people like to chat at the dinner table. It is a good time to relax them so that it is easier to accept the opinions of the other. For instance, if a student has a problem with his parents, he can talk that at the dinner time, his parents will glad to hear that and discuss with their children to find a solution. Meanwhile, the student will be listening to the perspectives of the parents because that time they like to hear others’ idea. For parents and children, dining time is a good time to discuss. They will find common ground instead of quarrel by the generation gap problem. Another advantage for improving family relationship is that we can talk face to face. With the development of the technology, the Internet can make people communicate more convenient than ever before. For instance, Apple Face Time, Skype, Google Talk and other pieces of...

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