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The Benefits Of Food Modification Essay

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The modification of food has been used since the beginning of man. But, the methods did not have the same advancements as they are now. It started with simple salting and drying, trying to keep their food fresh for as long as possible. With the growth of technology, food modification grew as well. Modifying food can be both beneficial and harmful, depending on which perspective the issue is looked at. As the industry grows, companies are driven more by profit than the overall well-being of the population. The modification of food is enlightened through background information, the truth behind synthetic foods, and an analysis of different chemical compounds used.
There are many advantages, as well as disadvantages for food modification. Overall, food modification allows humans to be healthier. Access to any food at any time of the year is reached. This is something people thousands of years ago could ever imagine. This increased access to food makes a human’s diet more nutritious and palatable. Food modification also helps to preserve to food and slow the rate of decay. Preserving the food is beneficial. Money is saved and the food will last longer. Processed foods do own these qualities, but they are attractive to buyers because of the convenience they offer, their storability, and their low cost. However, food modification is not always a good thing. The more sophisticated food modification has become, the more hazardous biological environments are created. Unfortunately, the various foods cause a potential danger to the environments, as well as an increased risk for harming human health. Not all modified foods are harmful, but in many of them, are harmful additives which should not be consumed. Chemicals added to foods are added for a reason, they bring money to the food industries, motivating them to continue their use.
The food industry has their reasons for adding different chemicals to their food. People "eat with their eyes," and the added chemicals enhance the flavor, color, and texture of the food. Most foods in today’s culture are synthetic in at least one way. Synthetic foods make living much easier for a vast majority of people. The synthetic properties in food allow them to be stored for long periods of time. Synthetic foods are created using a majority of artificial sweeteners and fats among other chemicals. The most popular synthetic item is soda pop. Soda pop has a baffling simple chemical composition. Produced with water with dissolved carbon dioxide plus the artificial sweeteners and syrups, soda pop is quite popular. Soda pop gets its unique color and flavor from ethers and aldehydes. One of the most popular products, Coca Cola, uses a wide variety of products to get the desired flavor. This product Is made with caffeine, vanilla extract, coca leave extract, citric acid, lime juice, sugar, various oils, and alcohol. Many of the oils provide an extra push for a sweeter taste. Among these oils are sweeteners. There are two...

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