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The Benefits Of Genetic Therapy Essay

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Every living thing is the product of the genes that were passed down from ancestors. Genes make up everything we are. One gets their traits from their parents. Most people live full lives with relatively good health. However, some people inherit mutated genes or faulty genes. This could lead to genetic disorders that could be life threatening. Even today, many genetic disorders still remain incurable, leaving many people without hope. Genetic therapy could be their answer. It is through this research that the cure for genetic disorders can be found. Though some people believe it is unethical or immoral to alter genes, current therapeutics have not been able to save the lives of the patients with these diseases. Genetic therapy for medicinal use is necessary because it will prove vital in saving lives of those stricken with a genetic disorder.

The Human Genome Project is the key behind any advancement in genetic therapy. The goal behind this project is to identify all of the human genes and successfully map and sequence the human genome. This research is very significant because the data found in this research will be used to find and possibly cure genetic disorders. More than five thousand monogenic disorders have been found in humans. Many of which do not have a sure-fire cure at the present time. Thus information gathered through the efforts of the Human Genome Project is essential in order to derive gene-altering cures for genetic disorders.

Upon completion of the Human Genome project, and the information can be translated and understood, testing for certain genetic disorders can occur. According to the article titled “Genetics is the Future of Medicine” by Joseph D’Allegro, testing for disorders should become quite common and the cost of undergoing such testing should greatly decrease as the amount of information and resources increases. This would mean that this testing would be more affordable for the commoner. Once testing has been completed and data interpreted, someone will know if they are a carrier for a genetic disorder. If it turns out that they are, instead of waiting for symptoms to arise, genetic treatment of the disease can be done to save the person’s life before it is even in jeopardy. This could prove to be very helpful. People spend thousands of dollars on treatments for a genetic disorder, and the treatments do not even fully rid the patient of the disease. The patient will have to take the medication for the rest of their life to calm the symptoms of that disease. With the advancement of gene therapy, a patient could receive a minimal number of treatments which will not just calm the symptoms but rid the patient of their genetic disorder completely. This, in the long run, could save the patient time, money, suffering, and ultimately it will save their life. This is only the beginning. As time passes, doctors will have the knowledge to save many more lives in the same manner.

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