The Benefits Of Internet Pornography Essay

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Since it is associated with graphic and sexually explicit content, pornography is quickly dismissed from society. Many people view it as obscene and find it unfortunate that such content exists. However, pornography is a medium of expression that has existed for thousands of years and contrary to the conservative views that many people have, it has allowed its audiences and participants to benefit economically, technologically and socially.
Pornographic and erotic works have closely been related to technological development of the modern age. In fact, according to the Federal Communications Law Journal’s article on pornography, “throughout the history of new media…pornography has shown technology the way” (Johnson 217). Pornography has pioneered many services that are now commonly used on the Internet. For example, it has popularized the online payment system, which allowed people to pay to view pornography via credit card. Another prominent innovation that pornography made popular was streaming content. Erotic pictures were not enough to meet demand so programmers of various porn sites worked to develop a format of video that functioned well in web browsers. Developments made in video led to the creation of another popular feature of online pornography: live chat. Live chat allowed paying customers to interact with women over the Internet. Because of these increasingly popular new high-quality content that were being delivered to people’s homes, internet connections had to be improved from the existing dial-up connections. Broadband was developed and popularized thanks to pornography. One technological advancement led to the next as faster internet connections led to internet traffic management and optimization. Porn websites became among the first sites to manage internet traffic, allowing them to share customers. Ariel Ozick, the chief of operations for a search marketing optimization company, says that pornography sites "have led the industry in traffic development and monetization…They developed the concept of top sites linking to generate traffic and were among the first to develop an affiliate revenue-sharing model" (Ozick). Porn sites were able to create an online business model that allowed them to be easily searched. It is clear that pornography has helped improve upon various technological innovations and also served as a test driver for new media and technology. It has created new ways to deliver content in order to reach out to more audiences to keep up with demand. All of the technological features mentioned above are common sights in the web, meaning that companies saw the potential benefits that could be made possible by new media popularized by pornography and became encouraged to develop these technologies themselves. In the end, pornography helped drive technology to deliver new ways to bring content to the consumer that was both efficient and cost-effective, helping society as a whole.
Since the advent of new technology like...

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