The Benefits Of Laughing Essay

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The Benefits of Laughing

Children laugh about 25 times more than adults every day (Crystal and Flanagan par. 2). Yes, they are young and innocent, having never experienced the real world, but most children are also very happy and seemingly worry free. Students in college could learn from these happy youngsters. Laughing more every day would relieve some of life’s daily stresses as well as improving individual health. Therefore, the University of South Alabama should create a “laughter club.”

This laughter club would be an organization of students who gather regularly to chuckle, giggle, guffaw, etc. The laughter produced at each meeting would be from comedic shows or movies, amusing stories and jokes, and the like. Humorous stories and jokes could be obtained daily and shared at each meeting. The special events that would be organized could be for touring comedians to make appearances or for an amateur night for the promising local talent. Other laughter provoking events such a karaoke night or a game night could also be held on a regular basis. At a karaoke gathering, listening to friends and other group members belt out familiar tunes is sure to entice much amusement. On game night, five people struggling to put their right hand on red and their left foot on blue on a single mat is likely to be very amusing as well. This list of potential activities could become quite extensive as the many possibilities of activities vary with each differing personality.

It is understandable that a laughter club may seem like an insignificant activity. After all, time is very valuable and students do have jobs, school work, classes, and other important activities consuming their time. It is also understandable that many times laughing can become 2 difficult and even undesirable. Such times include hardships like death and other losses. However, the many benefits of laughter make a laughter club a worthwhile use of an individual’s precious time as well as an enjoyable activity in difficult times.

One reason laughter is so vital is because it helps deal with the very serious problem of stress (Wooten par. 1). This problem begins with stress simply being a very unpleasant emotion that just about everyone deals with, especially those people in college. On a scientific level, the cause of stress has been related to an increase in the production of hormones, including epinephrine and cortisol. Laughter helps to bring the level of these hormones back down (Wooten par. 2). In fact, if a person knows laughter will take place in the near future, that person would experience a relief of stress before the funny occasion even occurs (Warner par. 2). This phenomenon was proven by Dr. Lee Berk. In his experiment, several men watched a funny movie. However, only some of the men were told beforehand of their future movie viewing. The levels of their stress before the movie, during the movie, and after the movie were obtained by testing blood samples (Warner...

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