The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana Essay

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The topic of The Legalization of Marijuana (Cannabis) has been discussed, debated, and researched for years. Even if its usage is for medical, recreational, or substance abuse purposes the topic itself seems as something that will never have an end agreement on. All views differ on the matter whether its coming from Government’s, Communities, or an Individual’s perspective it can bring a lot of controversy when agreeing with its usage.

Marijuana is one of the many alternative names for Cannabis, and was intended to be used as a psychoactive drug and medicine. There is evidence of the inhalation of this plant to be found as early as the 3rd millennium BCE. This plant has been utilized for many reason such as religious practices, medicine, meditation, and sometimes even diet. In many cultures from the Xinjiang, Ancient Assyrians, Ancient Jews, Muslims, and early Christians. It has only been recently, within years that people have using the plant for other purposes than what it was intended for.

A few Con’s on the matter might be that drug dealers already sell to anyone illegally including children, the legalization of Marijuana wouldn’t change that at all it would only increase the accessibility to the underage population. Many high school students have reported in anonymous surveys that it is easier to obtain illegal drugs rather than alcohol and tobacco. There is also the idea that soft drugs lead to the uses of harder drugs known as the Gateway Theory. Someone would say Marijuana is often used as that stepping-stone for all other drugs. Drunk driving has been and still is a major issue in our society despite all education and its penalties. With the legalization of marijuana how would driving high affect our society, would it be another issues since some of the side effects are slowed reaction time, paranoia, short memory loss?

Some people consider the usage of this plant morally wrong. Could its legalization shift culture morality with the anything goes mentality, and change the thoughts of other drugs too? There has been a rise in drug related arrests. Arresting people who have produce, sold, traffic, or use illegal drugs, and keeping them off the streets to lessen the likelihood of committing more serious crimes. Legalization of Marijuana would probably lessen crime rates but what about other illegal drugs? Legalization of marijuana could eventually lead to the legalization of harder drugs or all drugs altogether.

Pro’s to the legalization of Marijuana:

Most doctors believe that Marijuana is no more addictive than that of alcohol or tobacco, and its generally thought of as a victimless crime, meaning that only the user is being harmed not anyone else. It also has many medical benefits. With cancer being one of the many reasons for population,...

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