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Looking at present society, any major city could be mistaken for a honeybee comb. People frantically run around trying to complete their agenda, and scheduling events down to the minute. Following this busy schedule leads to an enormous amount of stress on the body and mind. A stress free life is what almost every individual strives for, and the amount of people that search on the internet for tips regarding stress relief or plans to “de-stress” is alarming. Lucid dreaming provides benefits to individuals that endure stress daily.
Sometimes stress cannot be controlled, but what if individuals could go anywhere in the world to relieve the stress? Lucid dreaming allows you to see, hear, and feel anything that you desire. This means while everyone in the house is asleep, you are experiencing a vacation in the Bahamas. Two individuals Hope, and Dr. Ursula Voss, both provide personal insight to show how lucid dreaming is being used to help people cope with stress.
Lucid dreaming is starting to be used for individuals who experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Individuals who experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder tend to have nightmares of the event. Every night, individuals have to experience the event that the causing them stress in the next day. Dr Ursula Voss, from the JW Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany stated in her journal, “Promoting gamma oscillations during REM sleep in post-traumatic stress disorder with re-emerging nightmares might trigger lucid dreaming and eventually enable active changes in dream content." To use lucid dreaming as therapy for PTSD individuals shows that the average person can relieve stress through lucid dreaming. PTSD individuals usually receive professional treatment for free, but lucid dreaming can be learned through practice.
Hope is a woman who suffers from PTSD; while working as an airline mechanic, she watched a Boeing 767 roll across her leg after breaking free. During her recovery she reported, “The nightmares felt so horrendous that I came to the point of not wanting to sleep, almost.” (Wagner, 2008) Not wanting to experience the nightmares, she avoided one of the most vital things to the human body. This puts the body at a larger risk for stroke, heart failure, diabetes, weight gain; the list can go on for eternity (Peri, 2014). Due to her stress, she started practicing lucid dreaming to control the nightmare and reduce the stress in her life. Because lucid dreaming allows people to have the freedom that they desire without the consequences, she was able to overcome her stress of the event.
Phillip Holder PhD states, “A significant percentage of stress related problems are the result of a person’s expectations of both themselves and of others.” In a lucid dream, the individual is accountable to nothing, anything that they say goes because they are the creator. For an individual to be able to solve their problems however they desire without having to follow the expectations of society...

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