The Benefits Of Medicinal Marijuana Usage

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The Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana Usage

All ears were listening intently at what the professor had to say on the subject. Many viewers were in shock and disbelief at what some of the potential medical uses of marijuana are. At the conclusion of the lecture, many whispers filled the courtroom and the judge entered from behind his desk and sat down. Richard Johnson sat in silence waiting in anticipation to hear what he had to say.

Johnson and his wife Ellen, were arrested August 24 and charged with numerous drug-related offenses. Authorities seized approximately 1,030 live and dead marijuana plants, worth between $300,000 and $900,000, at their house.

The judge positioned his glasses on the tip of his nose and stated, " The Johnsons have pleaded guilty to one charge of cultivating marijuana for the use of terminal cancer patients in conjunction with their chemotherapy treatment. At this time you may be dismissed and this case will resume next week."

Richard and Ellen were handcuffed and taken back to their jail cells where they had plenty of time to think about their mishaps.

Outside the courtroom, Johnson's attorney, Roger Simms, said he hoped Harvard psychiatry professor's testimony Monday would educate people on various medical benefits of marijuana. Simms stated that there are many books on the subject containing the history of medical use dating back 3,000 years in China.

The Chinese emperor, Shen Neng, introduced many pharmaceutical drugs including marijuana. Emperor Shen Neng prescribed marijuana tea for malaria, beriberi, rheumatism, and curiously, poor memory (Earleywine, M. 2002).

Marijuana eventually spread from China to India. The sacred Indian text, Atharvaveda, listed marijuana as a holy plant that could relieve stress. Hindu sanctions were against the consumption of alcohol, but marijuana remained one of the few substances appropriate for alleviating anxiety in this culture. Later the drug was prescribed for fevers, coughs and asthma. Marijuana was even used to help with leprosy and dandruff, but was discovered to be unsuccessful (Roffman, R. 1982).

Medical marijuana spread further while new uses for it developed back in China. In ancient Rome, marijuana was acknowledged for its use as a painkiller, but there was a warning that stated that excessive consumption could cause feebleness. The Romans learned of marijuana's pharmaceutical properties as they made their way to new countries. A physician in the army recommended the juice of marijuana seed for earaches. Later it was confirmed that this treatment really did work. Back in China, Shen Neng's teachings remained well known. The ancient Chinese founder of surgery used marijuana combined with alcohol as an anesthetic (Earleywine, M. 2002).

Evidence has shown that new uses of the drug developed outside of China, Greece, and Rome. One of the most fascinating practices was concerning childbirth. Marijuana traces were found in the archeological remains...

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