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The Benefits Of Movement In Education

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The topic I chose to research was Movement Education. Have you every been in an environment in the same seat for hours and notice your self looking around, spacing out and time seeming to never move. Your focus is gone but then your allowed a 10 minute break and when you come back your focus is better then ever. This is what it is like for students in our schools with out movement education. Sitting in a seat for hours is physically tough for anyone to stay interested on any topic. Important breaks with movement involved are necessary for the heaths of are students learning experience. I think this is important for all ages of learning. It is a fact that after 15 minutes of learning ...view middle of the document...

From jumping jacks to running in place, students would start their day on a positive note. I still think of morning aerobics when the song comes on the radio. It was the most positive way to begin our day together. “DeWitt”” This is important for elementary school children. Everyone who has a positive experience in elementary school usually continues with what they learned. So if it was a positive expectance they remember with aerobics they are likely to keep up the physical activity and continue on a healthy life. Also many elementary children don’t want to get up and go to school so if they know they are going to start their day on a positive note it allows the rest of the day to go much smoother.
“Environmental influences, including exercise, may affect the degree of later brain development and hence determine the extent to which an individual can compensate. “Walcott”” Allowing students to move around and burn some energy can decrease ADD or ADHD symptoms. This also helps students with ADD or ADHD burn some unneeded energy and help them focus up. A study revels that the number of children in 2011-12 diagnosed with ADHA is 2 million higher in the US compared with 2003-04. Additionally one million more children are taken medication for the disorder. It does not seem that schools have adapted to movement education yet but schools that have are finding successes. The statistic above goes to show that maybe we are doing something wrong and possibly movement education should be enforced in curriculum to get students moving. Not only to calm students down but movement enhances the...

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