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The Benefits Of Obamacare Essay

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Because millions have been able to free ride the health care system Obama emplaced a new health reform changing thousands of lives, making healthcare affordable for all people and giving citizens who are already covered new or more benefits. Healthcare has always been a pricey yet necessary asset to life. In the 1920s the middle class seemed to have struggled with the growing cost of medical visits. In the late 1920s a Dallas hospital started to offer joint affordable healthcare for only $.50 a month. Soon other states started to use the same method. The US began to identify the process as the Blue Cross. In that same year the stock market crashed and the Great Depression started. ...view middle of the document...

” The health insurance that the American medical Association and placed was already winning with the people, the reform lost in both houses putting an end to Truman’s health insurance plan ( HNN).
When John Kennedy became president the American medical so you going to promote Medicare a health insurance for people with disabilities in stage diseases and people over 65. He'd advertised on the television, the radio, large mailings, and speaking tours, even churches began to involve themselves to support Medicare. Kennedy spoke to one large groups of people who traveled across the country to support the legislation. While Kennedy failed to pass Medicare the issue didn't die. Healthcare continue to advance and so did the price.
When Lyndon Johnson went into office more than 60% of the voters supported Medicare (HNN). With large gains in both houses Johnson was swayed to push forward with the Medicare act in 1965 Congress passed Medicare and the Social Security act that included the health benefits and Medicaid which was provided to lower income Americans (HNN).
In 1773 Richard Nixon won his presidency. The government came up with a reform involving private enterprise to promote the Health Maintenance Organization which were to require doctors to order expensive equipment and unnecessary tests. Democrats wanted to continue the expansion of healthcare. The organization would ensure employers, and people without insurance the “public option,” which was people who lack employer-provided health insurance, and employees of small businesses. The act failed, it was said to be insufficient (HNN).

Former Pres. Bill Clinton made a plan for Universal Health. The bill died in Congress, but that did not stop Clinton. She spent the rest of his presidency fighting other health forms like S–CHIP a program that dramatically dropped uninsured children, the health insurance portability, and accountability act which help people who lost her job maintain health care.
When George Bush was president he attacked the reform called Medicare part D: coverage over prescription drugs. However they were big dick government them negotiating discounts with pharmaceutical companies.
Former President Franklin Roosevelt had the great intentions to financially help his nation, and the other former presidents took notice and tried to remake their version of the same idea. Obama being...

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