The Benefits Of Offshore Drilling Essay

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As a young girl comes out of the ocean from swimming, suddenly she notices the brown oily stains on her bathing suit. When she looks back into the water, tar balls flow with the current of the water. The girl automatically washes the toxins off of her body, and she no longer wants to go to the beach for vacation. This results in lower tourist rates. Although accidents happen, the coastal workers continually strive to keep the beaches clean for the tourists that visit regularly. The recent British Petroleum oil spill that ravaged the Gulf Coast has turned people away from offshore drilling, but this type of drilling can really benefit the United States without great destruction.
One benefit of offshore drilling consists of lesser pollution than the average person assumes. Pollution flows throughout the air in every area of the United States. Transportation emits more pollution than offshore drilling. Although they both pollute the environment, offshore oil drilling remains far less contaminated than Americans might think. The United States Minerals Management Service states, “. . . since 1975, 101,997 barrels spilled from among the 11.855 billion barrels of American oil extracted offshore” (Baird). Overall, this result should bring some relief about pollution. In the article, Baird explains that this number remains less than one percent of the overall oil contamination rate (Baird). According to this information, pollution found in the United States comes from various sources. If Americans worry about pollution, oil drilling should not be one of the top concerns. Truck pollution seems to have more of an impact on the environment than offshore oil drilling pollution. Sean Kilcarr explains, “. . . diesel-powered trucks . . . [are] responsible for more than 60 percent of all particulates and nearly half of all nitrogen oxides” (Kilcarr). Oil spills usually occur as temporary accidents, while pollution from trucks happens every day. Therefore, offshore drilling does not contaminate the water as badly as the United States thinks.
Another benefit of offshore oil drilling consists of increasing job opportunities for people. The unstable economy in the United States results in people losing their jobs quite often. In the book Offshore Drilling, the loss of job opportunity in the United States is explained this way:
The high cost of energy is making it impossible for many U.S. companies to remain competitive here and is driving them to relocate their plants overseas. . . Plant relocations have been a major factor in the loss of nearly five million manufacturing jobs in the past 20 years. (Offshore)
If platforms relocate overseas due to high costs, Americans lose a staggering amount of jobs at one time. Americans need these jobs in order to raise their families and to continue supporting the economy. Employment rates will increase if more offshore oil drilling arises. A few years ago, the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act was passed...

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