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The Benefits Of Securing Patient Privacy

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Although hospitals and staff members have lost credibility over the past years, many other hospitals have been contributing their part in the battle for patient privacy. “You may have the right to inspect and obtain a copy of the health information that may be used to make decisions about your care” states the Stanford Hospital in their pledge to protect patient privacy. Actions as such can credit the hospital with prestige along with giving the patient a feeling that they are in control of their information and the hospital is only handling according to patient preferences. Furthermore, Stanford Hospital provides patient privacy by acknowledging the following patient rights: Requesting an ...view middle of the document...

Stanford Hospital states that requests for restrictions can be placed on medical student from accessing a patient’s information. Medical students may not be of full trust to patients thus restriction awareness should be enacted for all hospitals to satisfy the needs of the patient. Stanford Hospital takes a further approach in the privacy matters by listing that patients can place requests “restricting the hospital from giving your name to an insurance company” and “restricting hospital from reporting your identity and condition to an agency or organization where the hospital is required by law to do so.” Clearly the measures taken by Stanford hospital are nothing out of the ordinary and can be quickly put into action with the right management. All it takes is for the hospital to provide the patient with the feeling that they are in control. It is true that credibility for medical institutions has diminished over the years, however with protocols such as the ones that Stanford hospital mentions, Patient satisfaction can be reflected as a direct consequence of hospital-staff team privacy handling which in the short run results in their prestige rising and more care seekers wanting to attend the hospital. Besides the direct handling of patient documents, the personalities of medical staff affect how much patient trust is given. According to nurse together, Credibility is “the foundation of leadership. Nurse together states that credibility can be structured through honoring commitments, taking responsibility for mistakes, becoming a good listener, knowledge building, effective communication and patient advocacy. If a physician can provide all of the mentioned for a patient then the patient will be more inclined to reveal information about themselves.
Lastly, privacy for patients should be maintained at all cost because it increases the cooperation in medical research by patients. Traces of successful and unsuccessful cooperation by a patient can been seen in a study by the South Carolina State University and The life of Henrietta Lacks respectively. “The National Institutes of Health requires the inclusion of underrepresented minorities in medical research” states the University simultaneously explaining that even with such requirement there continues to be a lack of African American representation in research trials. A study was initiated to find out the factors that influence African American participation in a school that has traditionally been composed of African American people. The study surveyed 200 African American students in which none was compensated and none refused the survey. The study consisted of 58% of the participants being male and the remaining were women. The results were intriguing. The university reported that when asked whose encouragement would increase their likelihood of participation, “52% responded their physician.” This statistic does not only reveal the number of students willing to participate, but more explicitly...

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