The Benefits Of Slavery To The American Economy.

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I am Samuel Adams, a slave holder, and a large plantation owner. I feel that I can speak for all the plantation owners in the South and say that we feel that there is nothing wrong with slavery. Being a slave owner for all 45 years of my life I have seen my plantation grow and the United States economy get more and more dependant on cotton from my plantation. Over the past 40 years the ability for me to buy slaves at auctions has made me capable of doubling by plantation size. Now I own 100 slaves, all either working the cotton gin or picking cotton in the fields. These slaves have made me and many other plantation owners in the South rich. They have also promoted westward expansion for many of my buddies. My friend James Swanson just bought a plantation out in the West easily twice the size of his plantation here in Georgia. He was able to do this because of the large amount of slaves that he has. Here in the South we provide slaves with food, clothing, and shelter; something that is not provided to the blacks in the North. Slaves are better off in the South because they have a place to live, and they have food to eat. Abolitionists have been trying to free our slaves but they have no right to do this. Owning slaves is a god given right and the Bible justifies it. It has been around for thousands of years. Slaves are not only important to the South they are needed to keep the American economy strong.The American economy is based on the labor of the slaves; the abolishing of slavery would be devastating to the American economy, and would eliminate westward expansion. Three of the nation's largest crops, cotton, tobacco, and rice, are profitable only because of slave labor. Such a large amount of workers are needed, that slavery is one of our only options that would not cost more than the money they we make from our cash crops themselves. Slavery is cheaper because the slaves work consistently, as opposed to laborers of the North who are in constant competition of each other. The slaves produce large amount of cotton which keeps the American economy running. In 1800, about 18 million pounds of cotton was exported for a profit of 5 million dollars, which was about 7% of the country's exports. In 1860, about 300 million pounds of cotton was sold for an enormous sum of 190 million dollars, which was close to 57% of the nation's exports. This was able to be done because of massive amounts of slave labor. The slave population increased dramatically in these years. In 1790 there were 600,000 slaves in the South, but by in 1860 there were 3.9 million slaves. It is shown here that the increase in slave labor was the major reason for the dramatic increase in cotton production. Large-scale cotton cultivation and slavery grew together as the slave population in the south nearly doubled from 1810 to 1830. If slavery were to be outlawed, these crops would eventually fail, causing an economic turmoil, not only in the South but in the entire nation. As Henry...

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