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The Benefits Of Space Exploration Essay

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Space exploration can bring new resources and technology to our planet. People should continue to pursue this exploration, which could benefit Earth’s environment and mankind. Space exploration has already made so many contributions to the environment, the economy, and to human health. Deep space exploration can benefit the earth in many ways, even though many argue that low earth orbit and the moon are more beneficial. The resources and information that we can learn from being in space, and from mining and researching distant planets could very well make our planet’s environment and human life better.
There are many benefits that could come from deep space exploration. To better understand our planet we need to understand everything that affects it, like the sun for instance. “SOHO, launched a little more than four years ago, is gradually responding to all the questions it was supposed to answer and clearly deals with the way our star works and how its light and its magnetic field are generated, how and why it becomes magnetically active, with a rough periodicity of 11 years, why and how its corona is so hot and how predictable are the effects of solar eruptions and CMEs and of the Solar Wind” (Bonnet, 2001) The sun is very crucial to life on Earth. Performing this research gives a better understanding about how everything on the planet is affected and could give us insight on how to make things better.
What would be better for the economy and the environment than to find a new source of energy that is cheap and does not come from Earth? “In 1968, Peter Glaser proposed that solar power satellites to beam energy from geostationary orbit to the Earth could be a major economic boom from advanced space technology.” (Valentine, 2007) Using solar power from a satellite in space would help the environment since power stations would not have to be built on Earth and the resources could come from the moon. The economy would benefit from this as well since it would be a cheaper source of power. Power bills would go down and help save money with ordinary people and the companies that provide this power to the people. Solar powered satellites would be a great benefit to all of mankind.
Mining other planets could give humanity resources that are not available on Earth. “From the examination of meteorites, we have some working knowledge of their compositions. Many have higher concentrations of platinum group metals than the best terrestrial ores.” (Valentine, 2007) These new materials could help to develop new technology. This technology could do things to help human health, the environment, and the economy. Fossil fuels could be found from other planets that will keep people from using the ones here on Earth which could damage the planet. Other materials, if found, could eventually make oil rigs obsolete and could make cleaner fuel to be used. The use of cleaner fuel will help make the air in the environment better and give cleaner air that will make human...

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