The Benefits Of High Quality Early Education

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High quality preschools have proven effective in alleviating repetition of grades, dropping out, and engagement in exceptional education (Belfield, et. al 2006, Reynolds et. al 2002). In May 2010, the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) released a statistic report that found high quality child care can increase more positive outcomes of children. According to W. Steven Barnett, Ph.D., the director of NIEER, "Children who attend high quality preschools enter kindergarten with better reading skills; enhance vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who did not attend.

The teachers and staff at high quality preschools build their curriculum on developing children's social, emotional, cognitive, and physical abilities. According to Domitrovich, Bradshaw, Greenberg, Embry, Poduska, and Ialongo (2010), school based programs can positively impact a wide range of social, emotional and behavior outcomes for students. (Evaluation of a Creative Curriculum in Preschool Literacy). It was reported that the academic and cognitive achievements scores excel in measures of high quality preschool children. Vygotsky philosophy encourages early childhood teachers to develop curriculum that enhances a child's development (Mooney, 2000).

Over 50 years of research, including several recent self-determining studies, illuminate both the educational and business progress effects of high quality early education and it is implied to address many school readiness challenges (Wat, 2010). Educators and advocates use research as a way to help increase preschool. The teachers direct the activities within their classrooms and often it has an impact on the children learning; Preschools is described as a policy solution and it establish a solid foundation for academic success. Educators play a significant role in a child's life. They recommend parents to encourage learning within and outside the classroom.

The faculty and staff members of the preschools commit to the tasks of providing high quality education for each student. The teacher's goal is to observe, ask questions and listen to children's ideas during learning activities (Kanter, 2007). The child does not have to answer correctly. The teacher nurtures the child’s curiosity and motivates them to learn. The teachers use the children's interests and ideas to create activities for their daily practice. Preschool children do not have an active imagination, and they learn through make believe play.

According to Editor/Writer in WestEd's Communications Department, Linda Broatch, a child does not know at their age the difference of reality and fantasy, so the teacher creates a live setting. The imaginary play area in a quality preschool consists of costumes, "props," child size stoves, sinks, and cupboards. While children are participating in these activities, they gradually progresses from a solitary activity to individual performance and then complicated group play.

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