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Volunteering is a humbling experience, and believe it or not it is not a difficult task to undertake. A person could simply help an elderly neighbor by raking their leaves or mowing their grass, and in doing this they could achieve a greater sense of accomplishment and understanding. All around the world there are floods that ruin the homes of families, homeless people who have nowhere to sleep, and children who are starving. If every individual within our nation did their part to aid those in need, our communities would become a safer and more prosperous place to live.
Our country is in need of love. We have become so filled with hatred that we are blinded by the less important things in life. Riches are nothing without someone to share them with, so why not donate 20%, 10%, or even 5% of the money received to one of the thousands of foundations that helps those in need. At a local supermarket you can buy five cans of vegetables or fruits for five dollars, and those cans would gratefully be received at a local food pantry. It does not take a lot to make a difference. Our communities need to witness the power of kindness, and flourish through it. We need to stand up before our nation falls down.
There are families that are living in poverty throughout several communities that have significant needs that should be addressed. Some of the children who live in a poor household only get fed once a day, and that is by the school in which they attend. Say they miss a day of school because they have come down with the flu, do they get to go home and sit in front of their T.V. with a bowl of warm soup? No, but it can certainly be helped if the schools had volunteers who would pack dinners for the children to take home or snacks that will hold them over until the next day. In 2014, the top five states with the highest...

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