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The Benefits Of Exercise Essay

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Everybody has a certain activity, hobby, or pastime that makes them feel good both physically and emotionally. Many of these activities have both negative, and positive aspects. An activity that is extremely positive in all aspects, is exercise.Exercise should positively influence an individual's lifestyle both physically, and mentally. Exercise will provide an individual with a healthier, longer, and more enjoyable life.Having a healthier, longer, more enjoyable life can be in part attained by becoming stronger both physically and mentally. Improving one's body in endurance, flexibility, and overall strength are all achievable through exercise. There are different types of exercise for different types of strength. Individuals who wish to achieve a higher level of endurance, require exercise such as running, or swimming. Endurance exercises will works the muscles for prolonged periods of time, building them to be able to accomplish longer periods of work. Endurance exercises will benefit individuals who has an active day in which they find themselves overly tired and physically drained by the end of the day. individuals that strengthen their endurance through exercise will allow them to spend their day feeling more energetic and less tired. Along with endurance exercise, there is also weight lifting and flexibility exercise. Individuals who wish to obtain a larger muscle mass, and become capable of lifting or handling heavier objects (such as a construction worker, or athlete), would require weight lifting exercise. Weight lifting will work the muscle building up the muscle's strength and mass. Flexibility exercise will allow individuals to participate in certain activities and sports with more comfort and skill. Light weight exercises and stretching will attain a heightened level of flexibility. More flexibility would benefit those who enjoy participating in sports, and other activities requiring flexibility; mainly because it is easier to become more skilled in the activity, and it makes the activity less strenuous. Exercise has great potential to positively impact an individual's physical capabilities, and as a result can make day to day physical tasks easier and more enjoyable.Strengthening one's emotional capabilities can also make one's day to day life more enjoyable. Self esteem, confidence, pride, and respect can all be achieved, and or heightened by exercising. Many people around the world (mostly North America) are very image conscious about themselves, and the people around them. This image conscious mentality drives a lot of people to exercise. Individual's that have put in the time and effort to exercising, and have achieved that "ideal body" constantly testify that it has made their life more happy and fulfilling. Exercising has this positive affect because image conscious society; and a large majority of people would love to have a well toned, physically fit, in shape body. Individuals which achieve that body type that they have...

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