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The Benifits Of Dance On The Human Body

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The Benifits of Dance On the Human Body
If there was a prescription you could take to give you flexibility , make you fit , healthy , have a great self-confedance , a stress reliever , helped chronic pain and so much more would you take it ? Dancing is a lot more enjoyable than swallowing a pill and it does all this and much more . Dancing has many benifits to many systems in your body like your circualatory system your skeletal system your musclar system and your over all mental health .
The Skeletal System
Your skeletal system's responce to dance is unbelievable . When you dance your skeletal system respondes to this exercise by taking in more calcium which then makes your bones ...view middle of the document...

Once you have breathed in the circulaotory system then also spreads the oxegen around your body creating a healtheir smarter you .

The Muscular System

The muscular system has everything to do with dance infact without this system we would not be able to live . There are three types of muscels , dancing benifits two out of the three . The first is the skeletal muscles these are the outside muscles of your body that you can more obviously see than the others . The skeletal systemis affected greatly by dance becoming stronger and more flexiable . This means dancing will " increase your flexibality will help you ease joint pain and post-exercise soreness " .The seconed type of muscel is smooth muscel , your organal muscles , these dance does not benifit or disadvantage in any way . the third is your cardiac muscels or in other words your heart , this muscel is also heavily benifited by dance . ( see ciculatory system )
The Circulatory System
As you dance , your breathing accelerrates and as a result your arterioles or in other words your blood vessels dilate causing your heart rate to increase . Your heart rate usually stays about seventy beats/min but when you exersize , dance it can reach two hundred and twenty beats/min . Exercising your heart during dancing and other acivities is very important and give you a strong healthy heart . Having a healthy heart is important because it reduces the chances of hear diseases like Congenital heart disease , Congestive heart failure , Coronary heart disease , Pulmonary heart disease , heart attacks , stn we accomplish somethingrokes and so much more .

Other Benifits
Dancing helps you gain self-confidance , you learn what your body and mind are capable of and when we accomplish something that was...

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