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Theories Behing The Bermuda Triangle Essay

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The Bermuda Triangle is “in the Western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircrafts and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances” (“Bermuda Triangle” Wikipedia.). Many of aircrafts and ships have been lost without a distressed radio call and in adequate weather (“Bermuda Triangle” History). Amelia Earhart and the USS Cyclops are two examples of ships and planes that have gone missing. There are many theories pertaining to the Bermuda Triangle; pirates (Obringer), aliens (Wagner and Obringer), and time warps (Wagner) are three of them.
Ship Incidents
Several ships have disappeared while traveling through the Bermuda Triangle. In 1918, the USS Cyclops vanished. The ship was carrying cargo from the United States to Brazil. It had an identified inoperative engine that resulted in its speed to decrease to 10 knots. The commander suggested that the crew return to the United States but the USS Cyclopes continued on its trip regardless. Subsequent to leaving Barbados on March 4th, the ship disappeared (Brennan). Second, the S.S. Marine Sulphur Queen was traveling from Beaumont, Texas to Norfolk, Virginia in 1963. On February 3rd, the captain radioed his location near the Bermuda Triangle but never made it to Virginia (Obringer).
Aircraft Incidents
There have been numerous tragic airplane affairs occurring in the Bermuda Triangle. On December 5th, 1945 fourteen men were lost off of Flight 19. During an overwater navigation training session for the United States of America Navy, the pilots of the aircraft became disoriented and crashed into the sea due to a sudden loss of fuel (“list of Bermuda Triangle incidents”). Another aircraft to disappear was the Douglas DC-3 in 1948. The Douglas DC-3 is still known as one of the most reliably built aircrafts and it is therefore especially peculiar that such fatal complications occurred during the flight (Bhattonacharya). The most well known Bermuda Triangle victim is Amelia Earhart. Earhart was flying on January 5, 1939 with Captain Harry Manning, Fred Noonan, and Paul Mantz across the equator. The operator lost contact and the crew was declared missing. There were 66 aircrafts and nine ships “—an estimated $4 million rescue authorized by President Franklin D. Roosevelt-” ("Amelia Earhart Biography") that searched for Earhart and her aircraft, unsuccessfully. Amelia Earhart and her crew have never been found to this day ("Amelia Earhart Biography").
Presently there are a great deal of theories on the Bermuda Triangle. The first theory is the belief that aliens have chosen the Bermuda Triangle as their area to attack. It is believed by some that when a boat or an airplane enters the Bermuda Triangle, aliens abduct them (Wagner). The Bermuda Triangle has been recognized as the region with the highest number of unidentified flying object sightings (Obringer). The second theory has to do with pirates. This theory states that pirates wait for a ship to...

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