The Best And Efficient Ways Of Studying

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There are many ways of studying, but what is the best and efficient way of doing so? Everyone has their own route to study. The most popular techniques are memorization and formulas. Memorization is taking a particular idea and reviewing it from all different angles trying to capture all sides retaining every important detail. Formulas are breaking down and analyzing the concept of an idea. Both techniques are equivalently useful and great building blocks; but what good is a building block if they are never used for more than just a block? Sure, memorizing each corner and learning more about its chemistry are helpful, but only to an extent. The next step is linking two similar topics making ...view middle of the document...

Listening to some soft classical or jazz music will add a little more motivation to stay on track. The mind retains better at the beginning and ending of a lesson. It is better to take frequent breaks throughout your lesson, than not taking any. This will allow the mind to register and digest the information.
Learning is an ongoing process. From the moment we get out of bed and back in to it. There are always situations to observe, smart people to connect with, and taking on new challenges. Exploring new ideas may lead to a new door in your career path, or it may not. The key to being successful is never giving up. As Thomas Edison said he didn’t fail 700 ways, he proved that 700 ways did not work, and proved the one way it did work. A healthy way of looking at ‘failure’ or ‘mistake’ is to exchange it with lesson. Thinking in this light will continue to motivate your ambitions to climb higher to reach and live your dreams. The only unattained is that which is not being obtained. The path will always start out rocky, but the more it’s used the smoother it will become. Another words practice makes perfect.
Exercising and eating healthy will increase the brain activity and help retain our studies. They will help the brain create neural pathways faster....

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