The Best Solution To Youth Obesity

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What if I told you that there was one solution to all of America’s problems. Would you believe me? We live in a world that has many issues to solve. One of those big issues is in our own back yard. This issue is known as obesity. I firmly believe that obesity can only be control when adults become better educated concerning the causes of it. I also firmly believe that in order to prevent obesity from spreading, that the youth must become better educated than their ancestors whom caused it. In order to do that in today’s world, we must seek to educate the parents and their youth to prevent obesity. “Providing parenting skills and child management strategies may improve the parent’s ability to effectively shape child behavior and the home environment to promote lasting behavioral changes” (Kitzman, Wilson, George, Lawman, Segal, Fairchild, 2010, The Integration of a Family Systems Approach for Understanding Youth Obesity).
Accordingly, the issue of youth obesity is not new. There was a study done many years ago which had observed this phenomena. “For many, overweight is a lifelong burden. The overweight infant is most likely to become the overweight child, who in turn is most likely to be overweight in adolescence and maturity. A 20-years-later follow-up of 200 residents of Hagerstown, Md., who had first been examined for a U. S. Public Health study in the late 1930s when they were 10–13 years old, confirmed the tendency of obesity to show up early in life and to persist throughout the life span” (Shaffer, 1967, Overweight and health). Of course, most people know that over eating is the main trigger for obesity in youth. Yet, I don’t think many people are aware about this silent killer. “Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. tables published 16 years ago showed, for example, that the death rate for overweight men was 50 per cent higher than that for men of normal weight” (47 per cent higher for overweight women) (Shaffer, 1967, Overweight and health). This particular study was done several decades ago, yet I still believe this to be true in our present time. This is the result of parents letting their children eat whatever they want. “For one thing, increasing healthy eating without cutting back on unhealthy food just adds more calories” (Mantel, 2010, Preventing obesity).
Nevertheless, there is hope for us to unite and combat this growing problem. For example, there have been cases where some parents don’t have access to nearby store that sells healthy food. “The Food Trust and Philadelphia health department have such a program, called the Healthy Corner Store Initiative. So far about 40 corner stores have signed up, with a goal of 1,000 by the end of 2011. Stores agree to carry water and 100 percent fruit, juice, baked chips and fruit salad” (Mantel, 2010, Preventing obesity). I believe that many parents would be grateful to see more places have the option to purchase produce for their families. This can also have an impact on the fast food...

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