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The Best Buffing Spots In Brooklyn

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Hello All,

Today's post will be about the best buffing spots in Brooklyn. Whenever I was not riding at the firehouse I would hit the streets on the weekends and buff jobs on the radio as they came in. Everyone who's buffed a fire before knows that you usually have a very short window of time, usually under 15 minutes to get into a typical all hands fire or you'll see nothing but white smoke and exhausted firemen upon arrival. Catching a multiple alarm fire will buy you more time but they come far and few between.

Unfortunately a crystal ball is not going to tell you where the next job is going to come in. Wouldn't it be great to be first due all the time? Not happening! There are ...view middle of the document...

Again it doesn't always happen in the hopping area's, sometimes a curve balls comes at you. If it does this is the spot to be.

2c. Last but certainly not least, hang out right outside the quarters of L157 these guys are always going to work. Hang out there and your bound to get into a job. Another reason to go to this spot is you'll pick up more first due work than any other spot. In my opinion L157 is the busiest ladder company in the whole city.

3. Don't wait for the 10-75, I always started out on a phone alarm reporting a building fire, That way you could get a good 4 minute head start, if it turns out to be a job your now that much closer to getting into the box.

4. You must know where you are going. I remember when I first started buffing, I had no clue how to get around and for the first 4 months, I saw a hellva lot of white smoke. It was only until I was determined to learn the borough like that back of my hand that I was able to get into the fire quickly. There is nothing worse than taking a wrong turn and driving 10 minutes in...

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