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From inside the locker room, I could hear the crowd screaming my name among others, "Miller, Miller, Miller! Kulesa, Kulesa, Kulesa!" My best friend Kelsey Miller and I were the co-captains of the USA Olympic Field Hockey Team. We were considered rookies and lucky. Rookies because this was only our first year on the team and lucky because our other team members had voted us, out of everyone to be the captains. Since we were captains we both got to have a "c" embroidered on our uniforms. We have been best friends ever since I could remember and when we both made the United States Olympic team it was a dream come true. This year the Olympics were in Jamaica and the atmosphere of the ...view middle of the document...

With just a measly minute left in the first half of the game our teammate Rachel, who was an awesome mid-fielder scored and we were finally on the board, with the score being 2-1. We then went into the locker room feeling somewhat confident and our coach gave us the pep talk of our lives. She told us that we needed to work together and play in synchronization as one. As we made our way back onto the field we saw the Shanghai team and they had smug looks on their faces. The second half of the game began, and Kelsey came out so strong she surprised me, our teammates, our coach, and even our opponent, and for a slight moment I was sure I caught a glimpse of fear in their eyes. We then successfully completed one of the new plays we had learned the day before and Kelsey scored to make the game tied at 2. Our coach then called a time out and we had some time to rest before we had to go back out there and try to win one of the most important games of our lives. After the time out we stepped out onto the field and felt extremely confident with ourselves and our position in the game and on the score board. Since Jamaica is so close to the US many fans and people we know from our home country were here screaming and cheering for us, wanting us to bring home the gold.
As the clock was ticking down, both teams came close to scoring many times but the gold medal game was still tied 2-2. As I quickly glanced at the clock I saw that there was only twenty seconds left in this very important game. Then right before we were about to play a corner I, being one of the...

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