The Greatest Games Essay

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Who does not enjoy taking in an exciting fast-paced sports event alongside thousands of people?! Most Canadians cannot get enough of the heavy-hitting, skillful game of ice hockey. As in other parts of the world, sports enthusiasts eat, sleep and breathe the game of soccer. At first hockey and soccer seem to be two totally different sports, but after some time of observing these two sports one can point out many similarities and differences. The equipment used by the players in these two games is not alike at all yet the objectives of the two games are very similar.The main pieces of equipment in hockey are sticks, skates and a puck as where in soccer all one really needs is a ball. Athletes who participate in hockey and soccer at a competitive level need to be protected while playing, thus they have protective gear. Hockey players are covered from head to toe in bulky protective equipment needing a helmet, shoulder pads, jock, pants, shin pads, skates etc. As where their soccer counterparts only use a handful of protective equipment which consists of shin pads and cleats. This being said, athletes involved in the game of hockey have to be much more protected than those in soccer, as hockey is a contact sport and even the players that avoid physical play have a chance of getting hit with the puck. And without the proper protection a player can be seriously injured. As where soccer players have less to worry about as soccer is a less physical sport and the chances of getting seriously injured are seldom compared to hockey players. Being involved in the game of hockey can put quite a dent in your bank account as equipment is extremely expensive as players are spending hundreds of dollars just on sticks and thousands on skates, where as soccer players can purchase all of their equipment needed for no more than a couple hundred dollars. Saying this, hockey is a far more expensive sport compared to soccer, but it is money well spent considering you are protecting yourself from what can be a serious injury.The two playing...

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1774 words - 7 pages Are video games changing us? In 2008, 97% of twelve to seventeen year olds in America played video games, thus fueling the domestic video games by $11.7 million. Ten out of the top twenty best-selling video games contain violence. Many of these violent video games have been accused of incidents that include crime, bullying, and behavior problems. As the popularity of violent video games increase, more people become victims of behavior problems

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1203 words - 5 pages the most popular leisure activities in the world. By playing a simple game maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour a day can vastly improve your thinking skills (Russell). By simple game I mean a game that is very easy to learn but incredibly hard to master. Games like Solitaire and Tetris.The Technological PhenomenonAlthough playing games may not be my greatest accomplishment I feel that it helped me in unforeseen ways. I first discovered my hobby ever since

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2176 words - 9 pages greater resolve from the host nation to make the event a success and as such had spared resources. In total 80 countries went to the games and to bear proof to their success, a total of 36 world records were broken in various disciplines. The greatest robbery to the games was the athletes that were expected to be dominant in various track and field events (Ḥazan 123). Period after the Games Following the boycott, things did not get any better

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1944 words - 8 pages . The advancement of media is one of the greatest accomplishments of our time, helping spread news globally at incredible speed; however, the media may not always prove such an unbiased or well-informed view on everything. Video games seem to be one topic the media tends to have a highly bias opinion against. The media tends to emphasis the connection of teenagers who commit crimes with playing violent video games yet, violent video games are highly

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1603 words - 6 pages fast-paced and full of realistic scenery and characters. There are dozens of genres of video games, but most can be split into several broad categories, the most controversial of which are first person shooters (FPS). These games use the perspective of the character being played; pulling the gamer from the more remote view referred to as third person view. Some of the most controversial video games are also the ones with the greatest

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799 words - 4 pages Story has many creative professionals working in their corner, including Yasumi Matsuno, who is considered to be one of the greatest tactic game designers ever. Having these well-known designers who have worked on popular and successful projects in the past is a definite plus for any game trying to get published. All three of the games researched for this assignment are heavily focused on strong character development. Each game contains

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1565 words - 6 pages "Modern Warfare 2" (6000000). In 2012, the biggest sales in the US again belonged to the game of this genre (Brightman, 2013). This shows the greatest popularity of games involve violence. In one study, psychologists from the University of Villanova present data that the 59% of girls and the 73% of boys of fourth grade of American's schools, named violent games as their favorite (Granic, 2014).As already mentioned, the video game market in the US is

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4947 words - 20 pages and they ran as fast as they could to the finish line. Soon the Games began to expand in variety, longer races were added to the games. Then pentathlons were introduced and so was the three mile run.The discus was a favorite of the Greeks. The man who threw the farthest was regarded as the greatest athlete.Boxing was introduced in 688 BC. The boxers would wear leather straps and metal rings around their knuckles. The fight would only end when the

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1433 words - 6 pages Our nation has changed over the years. There is no question about that. The generation that my grandfather grew up in during the 1930’s and 1940’s has often been called “The Greatest Generation” (Brokaw). Why is my generation not talked about for our inventions and advances in technology? Maybe that the downfall of our generation has been the media and the influence it has on the public? There is no doubt that the media can spin a story into

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926 words - 4 pages , these aren’t all the games just the ones I thought were the best of both era’s. Works Cited Eddy, Brian “Classic games”. Print. “Halo” 11 Aug. 2012. Ign. Web. 11 Aug. 2012 By Herman, Leonard, Horwitz, Jer, Kent, Steve, and Miller, Skyler .”the ultimate history of games”.2002.web.Gamespot. Williams, Tim “the greatest Xbox games of all time”. 2004.web.2004 Powerhouse museum-game masters “asteroids”. Web.2001.2001

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3088 words - 12 pages experienced the greatest interest, enjoyment and educational experience. Also, the content of some video games can encourage kids to read articles and research information about the game they are playing. In certain video games such as Age of Mythology, historical and mythological history are taught and may spark interest in the child’s head. Other subjects often subconsciously taught are, geography, ancient cultures and international relations

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2217 words - 9 pages , para. 9). As Provenzo (1992) shows, concerns about this are not new, though the spread of such games has increased greatly over the past decade. As Provenzo notes, one of the greatest appeals of the video game is also one of the major reasons for concern: Part of the appeal of video games might lie in giving children a means to activate the "passive" medium of television. In video

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805 words - 3 pages Do violent video games affect kids, ages 14-18?Violent video games have been around since 1976 when Death Race 2000 came out. In 1979 a game went out called Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in which the object of the game was to chop up as many people with a chainsaw as you could. Parents boycotted toy stores that sold this game. Since then, games have become ever more violent and realistic. I think it is the reality and the interactivity of the game