The Best Long Term Parenting Solution For Bella And Dante Martin

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This letter to will assist you in determining the best long-term parenting solution for Bella and Dante Martin. It is my understanding that Eric and Elizabeth Martinez are requesting permanent custody, specifically as adoptive parents. The ideal candidates are Eric and Elizabeth. They possess requisite attributes of character, family history, community service, and provide a family home that is healthy, safe, and loving. Furthermore, they are diligent in their pursuit to instill character and uncompromising values, and provide all essential resources to afford their children opportunities for life-long advancement and personal growth.

First, it is imperative to understand the history regarding Bella and Dante’s relationship with Eric and Elizabeth. In November of 2008, Eric and Elizabeth (as foster parents) received Bella and Dante, at the tender age of two months, in their home because of alleged child abuse (severe injuries to bone and brain trauma). Throughout the prior year, Eric and Elizabeth dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort assisting these children with medical and rehabilitation services. In addition, recovery is progressing at an accelerated pace and acclimation to the family and home is complete.

Further consideration of Eric Elizabeth’s capacity is their obligation to the assurance of education attainment and firm belief that quality education is an important component for a child’s future. Unfortunately, Eric and Elizabeth were unable to pursue post-secondary education immediately after high school. However, after struggling in the job market, Eric pursued acquiring a degree in health care. He obtained the degree while maintaining full-time employment without compromising family responsibilities. Elizabeth supported this undertaking by continuing full-time employment and assuming additional parental tasks, when needed. Eric and Elizabeth are fully committed to all aspects of their children’s education. They continue an active dialogue with educators and pursue all options enhancing educational opportunities. For example, Kayla (their daughter) struggles with reading comprehension. To help with Kayla’s reading deficiency, they provide additional consideration for her efforts and aggressively pursue options within the education construct of their public school and also seek private resources. The efforts and actions regarding education speak well to their perseverance, character and values, as well as a promise of education attainment for their children.

Community service is a high priority for Eric and Elizabeth and is evident in their commitment to New Mexico’s children in need and other worthy organizations. Participants in the New Mexico Foster Parent program must acquire...

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