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The Best Method Of Medicine For The Treatment Of Breast Cancer: Cam Or Drugs

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Extensive research has been done in the field of oncology to try and determine the best and most effective methods to cure cancer. Cancer has been a very critical and long term problem that has been seen for centuries. Two distinct fields of study are the use of pharmaceutical drugs and complementary and alternative medicines (CAM). Both of these fields produce drastically different results based on the side effects, effectiveness, and overall health of the treated patients. Several researchers have came to the conclusion that the best way to cure cancer would be to incorporate the practices together thus enhancing and bringing the positives from the two.Cancer is an important health problem that has drastically increased over the past couple of decades. It is now ranked as the second most common cause of death in the United States. Extensive research and analysis is very critical to determine the best method for treatment. Several Medical Doctors and Naturopathic Physicians have dived deeper and performed experiments using either drugs or CAM treatment and analyzed the results. Experts in the field of oncology have reviewed both CAM and pharmaceutical drug methods to determine which pathway is the best alternative for their patient’s health and well-being. It was once thought that the only way to fight cancer is to use chemotherapy/radiotherapy but research has proven that there are a variety of complex techniques and therapies to bring an increase in cancer survival rates. Both methods of medicine have reported being attacked by the other for their views on treating patients. It is important to keep the patient in the center when determining the best plan. The best treatment plan for breast cancer patients today is most likely combining CAM and drug treatments to lower the amount of side effects while shrinking the tumor size and inhibiting any further growth, thus curing the patient.
When determining which method of medicine to use, doctors must go through a list of variables that may affect the outcome of the treatments. Some variables mentioned in the article, “The Roles of Complementary Medicine in Oncology”, include cancer type and location, malignancy stage, patient’s age, personal orientation on medical care, and psychology (Lamson, 2007, p. 313). After determining which path is best suited for the patient, a series of tests are performed to further evaluate the patient’s conditions and to prepare the patient mentally and physically for what’s to come. It is believed that the best therapies are ones that have been combined, this idea contributes to the fact that “two thirds of patients will defeat the disease” (Urruticoechea et al., 2010, p. 9). One of the main challenges in combating cancer cells is to determine what signaling pathway the cancer cells are addicted to following, thus leading to the rapid growth of the cells (9). It is also necessary to understand the molecular profile of the tumor and cells within (9). These challenges...

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