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The Best Mistake Our World Has Ever Made: The Industrial Revolution

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In my time in the middle of the 1760’s I have grown 10 years older since the world’s best mistake has taken foot on its amazing and industrial path. Now some people may be wandering, how can you have such a saying as this? A positive and negative word put together? Well you must think positive and believe that this mistake is the most positive mistake most likely known to mankind. The industrial revolution is what our society is about now. This way of life is so much better due to the available jobs, inventions of transport, and more friendly neighbors than anyone could ask for. I believe that the industrial revolution will be the way of life for the next couple of centuries. Towns will be far more successful with the type of change that brings a more positive leap into what I now call life to every single individual and all of society.
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As our members of society and our fellow friends clock out of their jobs and begin to head home, they do not have to travel very far. Even though they are tired from a long shift, they are very relaxed from being able to go home and rest. I witness my neighbors going to each other’s houses to celebrate the long weeks of work. These friendly and warm-hearted families help each other in any way possible. If there weren’t so many people with in our community we may not have the best of relationships and the experience we all need to know to survive our revolution. Being able to sit with these friends on a train to and from work is one of the best things a man can do for himself. Besides spending time with his family either in his house or pennant, a man will not be so lonely. The way a man spends his days making money for his family to survive is yet another reason why our world is learning from its greatest mistake. Even though work may be hard, in factories, it is what helps everyone throughout our society and each other with in our selves. Hard work makes the gender you are come alive and helps our world become a better place. Before life was hard because there weren’t as many available jobs and social people so close to us. But now as you and someone else read this you can look up and see a sign stating “hiring” or some citizens taking a casual stroll. Our life is in such a better position with our industrial revolution kicking at its high and providing what we now call basic essentials!
I believe that people are beginning to say that everything happens for a reason. Well they are correct. Our industrial revolution is happening for a reason. In this very second it is helping our present day and our future day more and more. Our transportation that involves trains getting us to our destinations and saving us time and money is a huge plus, having neighbors to spend time with and go to work with helps build a better life in all, and last but not least having an occupation that pays the necessities for our everyday lives. The industrial revolution is the best mistake our world has ever made.

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