The Greatest Of All Time..An Essay Of The Life Of Muhammad Ali Told In His Perspective As Well As Famous Pullitzer Prize Winner Norman Mailer And Other Notable Authors

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The GOATBackgroundThe world has been blessed over the centuries by greatindividuals like Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, and evenBabe Ruth and Michael Jordan. All of whom haveimpacted society significantly during their time,raising the levels of social prestige for the nextgeneration. It takes an extraordinary man ofconfidence, dedication, and near flawlessness to beuniversally known as simple "The Greatest". MuhammadAli has been quoted as "an American myth who has cometo mean many things to many people: a symbol of faith,a symbol of conviction and defiance, a symbol ofbeauty and skill and courage, a symbol of racialpride, of wit and love." (Remnick) Ali, however, inhis majestic aura, was by no means a myth. His impacton the World Boxing Association was unprecedented andunexpected. Ali began his career at age 12 withencouragement from policeman/boxing analyst JoeMartin. These two met after young Cassius' bike wasstolen and he went to file a report. From here, henever looked back as boxing became the burning desirein his flaming eyes. The young Mr. Clay was trained byJoe Martin's close friend Mr. Fred Stoner. Thetalented athlete bobbed and weaved his way to winning100 out his 108 amateur fights; winning the AmateurAthletic Union award and the Golden GlovesChampionship twice each. At the age of only 18 yearsold, this bright eyed teenager stormed into Rome forthe 1960 Olympics and took the gold medal in thelight-heavyweight division. Ali signed a professionalcontract that noted a fifty-fifty split of all revenuewith a group of twelve millionaires known as the"Louisville Sponsoring Group". Before his first shotat the boxing title versus then Champion of the worldSonny Liston, he predicted in what round that he wasgoing to knock him out in by saying "King Liston willstay, until he meets Cassius Clay, Moore fell in four,Liston in eight." (internet 1) On February 15, 1964,the undefeated, 22-0, twenty-two year old Clay shockedthe world with an eight round knockout and solidifiedhimself at the top of the boxing world.VietnamLife for a negro in the 1960's was full of racistswhites and discrimination to the entire Black society.Human rights activists such as Martin Luther King andMalcolm X started a reformation for equal opportunity.When Cassius was out the ring, he studied Malcolm Xand the Black Muslim faith and was inspired so muchthat he soon changed his name to Cassius X. It was notlong before Cassius publicly admitted his conversionto the Islamic faith after visiting Muslim patriarchElijah Muhammad who gave him the name Muhammad Ali,meaning "beloved of Allah". Ali used his position onthe sports platform for sociological and politicaltheories on the Black Muslims. There was an incidentin which Clay was refused service at a soda fountaincounter for being colored and in return he threw thegold medal he had won at the Olympics into a nearriver. The Philadelphia Inquirer quotes him as saying"That gold medal didn't mean a thing to me if my blackbrothers and...

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