The Best Of Friends...At Their Worst

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Have you ever felt like you were losing someone close to you; and no matter how much you tried, everything just got worse? We all know how painful and heart wrenching those moments can be; myself included. As a 7th grader, the "biggest thing" to hit Yorba Linda Middle School in an entire year were the Student Council elections.
One blissfully hot, March afternoon a total of 300 students sat beneath the steaming sun, on boiling red lunch benches. Rumors were "buzzing” about the potential candidates for the intense positions of becoming a student council officer. My best friend, Jordan, and I jumped at the chance to make a difference at our school and the lives' of people around us. Yes, ...view middle of the document...

We agreed to have a fun, fair, and friendly campaign. All went well until the night before the elections. I was lounging on my satiny smooth bed, writing my speech for the following morning, when the "text message" icon popped up on the screen of my outdated lg xenon by AT&T. It was ten o'clock pm. This strange time had me curious who it could be. My good friend, Taylor, had messaged my phone warning me about a post on the "Vote for Jordan!" Facebook account that she had made several hours earlier. Considering the text message she had sent, I began to worry and my heart was beating unusually fast. I looked at the website; it was as if my body was stunned and I couldn't move from what I had seen. My biggest secret, that I had trusted my dearest friend in the whole world with, was there posted for everyone to see. Mean comments were posted every minute with criticism, from people I thought were my friends. My heart felt like it was melting. I layer in bed for hours, crying, what kind of person would do this? Feeling totally isolated and like the people I thought were my closest friends, were complete strangers, was terrible. I came to school reluctantly, the next morning, with tears in my eyes, feeling total betrayal.
I couldn't believe she would stoop so low. Why would my best friend do this to me?
We lined up to give our speeches in a crowded, morning announcement, broadcasting room. Jordan sat at the desk, ready to...

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