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The Best People Are Flakes Essay

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In Julia Alvarez’s short story, “Snow,” an immigrant student, named Yolanda is learning the American way of doing things. She learns that there is ugly and hatful war going on in the world around her. Sister Zoe, Yolanda’s catholic school teacher, explains to her and her classmates what a bomb is; a mushroom shaped explosion with white specks of dust filling the air. However, when Yolanda sees actual winter snow for the first time, she confuses this snow as bomb dust. After Sister Zoe explains that this is snow that Yolanda is seeing, and not a bomb, Yolanda realizes that snow, unlike a bomb can be a beautiful thing to witness. Julia Alvarez’s last sentence of her short story epitomizes ...view middle of the document...

” Yolanda is different, she is Mexican-American, probably dark skinned, has long, thick black hair, and has brown eyes, unlike that of her classmates, who probably are light skinned, and have blonde hair with blue eyes. To be different means you are not the same. Sometimes, “different” stands out in a crowd of conformity. Yolanda, even though she is different from the rest of her classmates, she is a human being, with a heart, a brain, and everything thing else that makes up a human, so while Yolanda may have a different hair color, she’s not all that different.
“Person,” in the sentence is linked with the word, “flake.” In my opinion, Sister Zoe is teaching Yolanda that it is okay to be different, because being different means that Yolanda is a unique, one-in-a-million kind of girl. Yolanda is an individual who deserves attention from Sister Zoe, a Sister of Charity. I believe Sister Zoe gives special attention to Yolanda because it is her duty as a Sister of Charity to help those individuals who need it most. As am immigrant student, Yolanda needs help from Sister Zoe to learn a new way of doing things, and she also need help to understand what is going on politically in her environment.
The last two words, “irreplaceable,” and “beautiful,” are...

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