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The Best Thing Since Essay

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We have all heard the saying, “The best thing since sliced bread.” We use this phrase to express how amazing something is, by comparing it to the convenience of sliced bread. Most people rely on bread as a staple in their everyday diet. It’s obvious when you visit an elementary school and witness the main course in most children’s lunch box. Most often, it is some type of a sandwich. Even just walking into a grocery store, makes it clear how much we rely on bread as a food source. Entire aisles are full from top to bottom with different types of bread. Rye, Italian, French, white, whole wheat, corn, and gluten free, are just a few of the numerous choices. There are endless possibilities of what can be added to the loaf before it’s cooked, and to the slice before its bitten. We eat bread products for almost every meal. Toast in the morning, sandwich for lunch, and bread and butter for dinner. Even though we can be intimidated, while trying to decipher which slice of bread is best to become a canvas for the toppings, we can understand more just by examining two different types, and brands, of bread. In this case, I have chosen two, Sunbeam White, and Brownberry 100% Whole Grain.
All bread products, except for gluten free, start with wheat kernel. Boyle and Roth explain, “The wheat kernel (a whole grain) has four main parts.” The germ, endosperm, bran, and husk (chaff). Boyle and Roth also point out that when our ancestors first started milling wheat, they would grind it between two different stones. As technology developed, we had access to separate wheat grain and remove parts, resulting in a softer, smoother, whiter bread. At one point, during the beginning of the era of machine milling, bread was leaving out important nutrition. This was caused from removing the germ and bran, resulting in deficiencies for many people. When this problem was discovered the government instilled the Enrichment Act of 1942 and later it was amended in 1996 (102). All breads currently sold in the grocery stores are required, by law, to enrich bread by adding back the lost nutrition.
Sunbeam white bread states clearly that it’s an enriched bread, right on the front of the package. This white, soft, fresh, smooth consistency is probably most similar to what most of us have grown up eating. If we are wanting to enjoy the comfort of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from our childhood, white bread would most likely be the choice. Sunbeam white...

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