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The Best Titles And Descriptions For The Middle Ages

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The years between 500 A.D. and 1400 A.D. were most commonly known as the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages was a time period where several events had occurred, each supporting a different label for this era. The Middle Ages deserve the titles of the Age of Feudalism and the Dark Ages because people needed stability and relied on higher government officials for protection, and there were many wars and there was no organized government. However, the Middle Ages can be best described as the Age of Faith because the Church had power over every citizen. Although there are more labels to describe the time period, these were the best titles to describe Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.
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This system was crucial because it provided a sense of stability and had set up a government style for future empires.
The Dark Ages was one of the main labels for the Middle Ages because this era was full of invasions, wars, and the increase in diseases. Between the years of 500 A.D. and 1400 A.D., there were constant invasions and wars often broke out. One of the important invasions included the Vikings’ destruction of Dordrecht (Doc 3). They had raided coastal villages, capturing people and burning everything as they went. The fall of Rome had left the cities with an unstable government, a lack of education, and an increase in diseases. The Black Death had occurred around 1347 A.D., and had caused an increase in deaths, a lack of social interaction, a loss in faith, and the start of anti-Semitism (OI). The disease spread throughout the entire body and caused sores and inflations to appear, which then led to death (OI). Since people were so afraid of catching this disease, they began to avoid interaction and trade became weaker; therefore the economy had a sharp decline. The lack of social interactions, decline in trade, increase in diseases, and constant invasions are reasons for why the Middle Ages were commonly known as the Dark Ages.
Although the other titles are valid, the most accurate label for the middle Ages would be the Age of Faith because people’s lives had revolved around religion. The main reason for why people wanted to fight in the...

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