The Best Villain In Cinematic History English 10 Persuasive Essay

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The best villain
Darth Vader is the most infamous and widely recognized villain, arguable the best villain in cinematic history because of three main reasons. His physical characteristics and charisma, his shocking and surprising plot twists, and finally the iconic weaponry this villain has created and even holds with in him.
From the moment the black-caped and armored character marched onto the screen, surrounded in starkly contrasting white Stormtroopers, you knew: this guy is bad. Darth Vader’s physical characteristics and charisma leaves anybody in his path trembling from fear. After being burned alive, Darth Vader's armor was designed to maintain and protect charred body and lungs. With even a belt and chest plate that holds the controls for the life support system in the center of his chest. His all black, sleek, polished full body armor with long flowing cape creates a mysterious sense to him. With even a voice modifier in his full face helmet to give him a low stern forceful voice. With one glace you know this man is a force to be reckoned with. According to 1FANDOM powered by wika, “He initially hated the armor, but after living with it for several years, he embraced how it isolated him from the rest of the galaxy, allowing him to concentrate on becoming a pure instrument of the dark side” Thus shows that his armor even angered him more because it was a reminder of his burden of what the Jedi did to him, making him want to seek revenge. Therefore his physical characteristics and charisma he holds in his iconic armor totally make him look the part and has even driven him.
“I am your father” is probably one of the most quoted dialog ever in cinema but this is only one of the surprising plot twist this villain tells. The complexity of this character’s backstory really makes you feel for him. Making you even relate and love...

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