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The Best Way To Deal With Adversity Is Through Religion

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For some people its boxing to save their life, and for others its as simple as getting out of bed. Everybody faces different kinds of adversity in their lives and they conquer these in different ways. Some people never face the adversity they are presented with while others can't wait to have it gone. Adversity is the challenges and difficulties people face in their lives. Adversity could be as simple as deciding what you want to eat for lunch, or as complicated as trying to save one’s life. But no matter what level of adversity, it is, you need to find a way to get past it. Some people choose to take a physical approach, such as things like fighting or physically moving something in your way. Other people choose to take a different approach on adversity, such as mental actions or religious actions. But all in all, it doesn't matter what way you choose to face the adversity as long as you get past it. However the best way to face adversity and challenges presented to you is through religion.
On multiple accounts people have chosen to face the adversity in their lives through religion. These religious acts can be as simple as saying a prayer for someone you love or someone you think needs it, or it can be as complicated as switching to a new religion that you feel connected to and more understanding. Most people in this world have a religion that they follow and are very devoted to. Many of those people feel like they are able to make hard times easier on themselves by praying or participating in religious acts. People have been facing their adversities with religious acts since the beginning of time. An example of such would be the ancient Indian tribes such as the Mayans and the Aztecs. They would do human sacrifices to their God to help their crops grow or to make a drought end. Throughout literature characters are faced with adversity and dealing with difficult choices, the best way to confront these challenges is through religion as seen in the novels Things Fall Apart and Samson.

There are many good articles, books, and sources of information out there that help support my thesis. One of the books that I see my thesis show very clearly in is the novel Samson by Shawn Hoffman. In this novel the main character Samson, and his family are sent to the notorious Nazi death camp of Auschwitz. Here they are split up and need to work to survive. But in this place, everyone dies. Most people lose hope and give up, but there are still others who hold on to their lives. The one thing that many say keeps them alive is their faith in God or their religions. Kolbe, a priest being held in the camp states “If a man’s spirit is in communion with god, he is free no matter what type of infirmary his body lies in” (Hoffman 135). This shows the attitude that many had toward being held captive in the death camp. Samson is a well known Olympic boxer and is forced to fight for his life every Saturday night for the entertainment of the Nazi soldiers. The winner...

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